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Capitol Hill groups come together to host hyperlocal Transportation Action Day

Several Capitol Hill community groups are working together to host a free training for anyone who wants to learn how to advocate and organize for safer streets Sunday. Afterwards, attendees will immediately put their new knowledge into action by heading out … Continue reading

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First section of new Arboretum Trail opens near Madison Valley

A key section of the new WSDOT-funded Arboretum Trail opened late last week, connecting Madison Street to the car-free Arboretum Drive. The segment is fairly short, but it is one of the most important stretches of the whole plan for people … Continue reading

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#GivePedsTheGreen petitions SDOT to program traffic lights so they stop skipping walk signals

A new petition under the hashtag #GivePedsTheGreen is calling on SDOT to make an essentially invisible and low-budget change to traffic signals that could have a big impact on walkability, safety and accessibility in all corners of Seattle. It wouldn’t require any … Continue reading

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People get organized to restore bike lanes cut from Madison BRT project

The latest plans out of the Madison BRT project (RapidRide G) cut nearly all of the planned bike improvements that were originally planned nearby as part of the high-budget so-called “multimodal corridor” project. We reported in depth about the cuts … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the WA Bike Summit: Transpo Secretary Roger Millar: ‘We’re not just about moving cars and drivers, we’re about moving people’

Be sure to check out our other notes from the 2017 WA Bike Summit. State Transportation Secretary Roger Millar kicked off the Monday keynote with some solid jokes about job security, a reference to the sudden, politically-motivated firing his predecessor … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the WA Bike Summit: Dr. Adonia Lugo on ‘fighting for the better world we know when we’re out on a ride’

I’m at Cascade Bicycle Club’s Washington Bike Summit, a two-day conference that coincides today with Active Transportation Lobby Day. As I write this, people from all over the state are volunteering their time to meet with their state Representatives and … Continue reading

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Bike News Roundup: A 1996 PBS doc on the auto industry’s demolition of public transit

It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! Here’s a look at some stuff floating around the web lately. This is an open thread. First up, a PBS documentary (fresh out of 1996) on the auto industry’s conspiracy to destroy public … Continue reading

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Banel: How neighbors in 1970s took action and created the Burke-Gilman Trail

As you pedal or stroll along the Burke-Gilman Trail today, it feels like such an integral part of the city that it is hard to imagine the north end without it (unless you’re in Ballard, of course). But that trail … Continue reading

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Neighbors submit 900 ideas for park and street improvements, but city can only fund a small percentage

Seattle is trying a whole new method for gathering community ideas for small park and street improvements, and the people have responded. Loudly. Neighbors from all over Seattle submitted nearly 900 ideas for street and park improvements (up to $90,000 … Continue reading

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Madison BRT project cuts nearly all of its bike route plans

The Madison BRT project has dropped its goal of designing a so-called “parallel” bike route to accompany its $120 million plans for a faster and more reliable bus line from the waterfront to MLK Way. But just as concerning, the … Continue reading

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Shoreline announces bold idea for a new trail next to light rail

The City of Shoreline has a great idea for taking advantage of Sound Transit construction to also revolutionize bike access in their city: A “Trail Along the Rail.” Much like the Interurban Trail is a premiere asset for the city’s … Continue reading

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The 2017 Emerald Bike Ride will make a big freeway loop on 520, I-90 and I-5

For the second annual Emerald Bike Ride, Cascade Bicycle Club is scaling up big time. The full route is longer, the start location is bigger and the rider limit has been set at a stunning 10,000 people. That’s 3,000 more … Continue reading

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Pronto will refund remainder of outstanding memberships after March 31 shutdown

Many people bought annual memberships for Pronto Cycle Share before the city announced the decision to shut it down March 31. So what happens to those memberships? Originally, the city had planned a new bike share system using e-assist bikes, … Continue reading

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After a butane truck crash on I-5 snarls traffic, the Times Ed Board blames … bike lanes?

It seemed every couple minutes, someone at KUOW radio would break into the news broadcast to let people know of another major traffic problem in the Seattle area. It was February 27, and a truck carrying butane had crashed on … Continue reading

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One year after the Greenwood explosion, G&O Family Cyclery opens its new home

It’s been a very long and hard year for many Greenwood businesses damaged or destroyed by the March 9, 2016, natural gas explosion. Many are still struggling to hang on while insurance companies and Puget Sound Energy delay and haggle … Continue reading

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Walk through the Battery Street Tunnel Sunday + What will be its legacy in our city?

The Battery Street Tunnel has been part of Seattle for 65 years, but very few people have ever had the opportunity to walk through it. Well, Sunday morning is your chance. Walk the Battery is a free public event, part … Continue reading

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Trail supporters, opponents and city leaders strike a deal to complete the Ballard Missing Link

UPDATE: Construction on the Ballard Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail will break ground by winter 2018, Mayor Ed Murray announced Tuesday during a press conference flanked by both longtime trail supporters and business owners who have fought the trail … Continue reading

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Bellevue officially approves funding to start ‘rapid implementation’ bike plan

Amid all the other giant issues on the November ballot, it may have been easy to miss the news that the people of Bellevue approved a transportation measure that includes funding to kickstart a renewed effort to get their bike … Continue reading

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Public Bikes will close Pine St shop

When Public Bikes opened at Summit and Pine in April 2015, we noted that the shop was “well-positioned to take advantage of Capitol Hill’s bike shop desert.” Velo Bike Shop had recently moved to the Denny Triangle area after decades … Continue reading

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Rainier Ave safety project worked even better than planned, city will extend it south

A 2015 safe streets redesign on Rainier Ave is working even better than expected by nearly every measure. Just by repainting the lines on the major street, the city’s Vision Zero team was able to dramatically reduce the number of … Continue reading

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