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Don’t expect a bike share surge as caps rise to 2K + Seattle bike share makes international news

See our Seattle Bike Share Guide for an updated FAQ about bike share in Seattle as well as links to download active companies’ apps and a guide to properly parking your bike share bike. The bike share cap has increased … Continue reading

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Blinded by mayoral vendetta, the Weekly wildly misses the point of the NE 125th project

So, in case you haven’t been paying attention, the Seattle Weekly is a little upset with the mayor. Ever since Mayor McGinn put his sights on the Weekly and the Village Voice’s backpage.com for doing a piss-poor job of preventing … Continue reading

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Two people riding bikes assualted by angry drivers this week

So, this is downer news. There are two different reports from the past week of people riding bikes being assaulted by people driving. The most recent report comes from Nina Shapiro at Seattle Weekly, who happened to be on the … Continue reading

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How the proposed WA ‘Mutual Responsibility’ bill compares to Oregon’s law

Marcus Griffith at Bike Portland wrote a piece comparing the recently-proposed Washington bill mandating a safe passing distance to laws on the books in Oregon. The bill, being referred to as the “Mutual Responsibility Bill,” will attempt to mandate a … Continue reading

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