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‘Mutual Responsibility’ bill tabled

The Bicycle Alliance of Washington has announced that HB 1018, the controversial “Mutual Responsibility” bill, has been tabled. The bill was not well received by many in the cycling community (including this blog). Problems mostly centered around a provision of … Continue reading

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‘Responsible’ riding means more riding

Elly Blue has written yet another great column for Grist, this time about the concept of biking “responsibly.” Why the quotes? Well, what exactly is the definition of responsible biking? As the “Mutual Responsibility” bill debate pointed out, there are … Continue reading

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How the proposed WA ‘Mutual Responsibility’ bill compares to Oregon’s law

Marcus Griffith at Bike Portland wrote a piece comparing the recently-proposed Washington bill mandating a safe passing distance to laws on the books in Oregon. The bill, being referred to as the “Mutual Responsibility Bill,” will attempt to mandate a … Continue reading

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