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Help guide Judkins Park light rail station access

Seattle’s least talked about light rail station could be it’s most bikeable. The planned East Link station at I-90/Rainier/23rd Ave will have an entrance right off the I-90 Trail and will be located in the midst of a neighborhood with … Continue reading

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UW Station construction closes bike path link

Contractors have paved a new ramp on the stairs of the Montlake Triangle to provide a biking detour as construction on the pending biking and walking bridge over Montlake Boulevard has closed the path people are familiar with. The detour … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Station meeting Wednesday + Is it time to tackle big bike access issues in the U District?

Sound Transit is holding a meeting tonight (Wednesday, sorry for the late notice) from 6-8:30 p.m. at the Neptune Theater to discuss the 60 percent design for Brooklyn Station. The plans include two station entrances (good news!), no additional car … Continue reading

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SunBreak: Will U-Link ‘flatten’ Captiol Hill for people on bikes?

Since the opening of Beacon Hill Station, many people who ride bikes have figured out that for a couple bucks, Link Light Rail will make one of Seattle’s mightiest hills disappear. Just hop on at Pioneer Square Station and two … Continue reading

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Cascade: Get involved with Northgate light rail planning

Cascade Bicycle Club is working to make sure bicycle access to the future Northgate light rail station is safe and easy. They previously laid out a strong argument for investing in biking and walking infrastructure around the future station site, … Continue reading

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Sound Transit offers $10 ORCA to try Columbia City Station’s new bike lockers

As the weather changes, Sound Transit is urging people to bike to Rainier Valley light rail stations, then take the train to downtown. A new “bike plaza” at Columbia City Station has secure bike lockers for up to 46 bikes. … Continue reading

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Sound Transit installs bike lockers in Rainier Valley

Amid concern about bicycle security at some Link stations, Sound Transit has installed bike lockers at Columbia City, Othello and Rainier Beach stations. There were at least six reported bike thefts at Columbia City station last year, according to ST. … Continue reading

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November bike thefts

View Larger Map Here’s the first monthly bike theft roundup. I had been doing these weekly, but thought I would change things up. What do you all think? Is a monthly report more or less useful/interesting than weekly? The data … Continue reading

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How to bring your bike on Link: Sound Transit releases new videos – UPDATED

Well, OK, they are a couple weeks old. But now they are on YouTube, so I can embed them (the video player on the ST site could use a face lift). First up, Central Link:

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Ever take your bike on Link Light Rail? How did it go?

Seattle’s Link Light Rail – The Start of Something Big from Streetfilms on Vimeo (Skip to 2:28 for the bike stuff). I’ve actually never taken my bike on the light rail. I guess it has never come up. The bike/bus … Continue reading

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