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Bikes will be kicked off light rail downtown during early 2020 crush + 5¢ per hour bike lockers coming to more transit stations

Construction work to connect the existing light rail tracks to the new East Link tracks will require a very tough couple months in January, February and March 2020. Dubbed “Connect 2020,” train frequency will be dramatically reduced, and every passenger … Continue reading

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Alert: Some UW Station bike racks will be replaced with lockers starting Monday, so careful where you lock up

Sound Transit is moving and replacing some bike racks near UW Station to install new on-demand secure bike lockers starting next week, so be extra careful about which racks you use. Look around for a “Rider Alert” sign before locking … Continue reading

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County’s new on-demand bike lockers will secure more bikes, more of the time

King County’s new bike lockers have one key difference separating them from previous lockers installed in the region: The BikeLink lockers are available reservation-free and on-demand. You can get a card online here. The $20 card comes preloaded with $20 … Continue reading

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Sound Transit offers $10 ORCA to try Columbia City Station’s new bike lockers

As the weather changes, Sound Transit is urging people to bike to Rainier Valley light rail stations, then take the train to downtown. A new “bike plaza” at Columbia City Station has secure bike lockers for up to 46 bikes. … Continue reading

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Sound Transit installs bike lockers in Rainier Valley

Amid concern about bicycle security at some Link stations, Sound Transit has installed bike lockers at Columbia City, Othello and Rainier Beach stations. There were at least six reported bike thefts at Columbia City station last year, according to ST. … Continue reading

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November bike thefts

View Larger Map Here’s the first monthly bike theft roundup. I had been doing these weekly, but thought I would change things up. What do you all think? Is a monthly report more or less useful/interesting than weekly? The data … Continue reading

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