November bike thefts

Here’s the first monthly bike theft roundup. I had been doing these weekly, but thought I would change things up. What do you all think? Is a monthly report more or less useful/interesting than weekly? The data comes from SPD online police reports.

See the dot on the Columbia City Link station? That was Karen’s bike:

In an email, she told me this is the second bike she has had stolen from the Columbia City light rail stop in less than a year (she even had a mega-duty u-lock). She says bikes are stolen or vandalized at the station often. Has anyone else had a bike theft/damage experience here? Perhaps this would be a good spot for one of Sound Transit’s bike lockers.

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1 Response to November bike thefts

  1. Scott says:

    There have been many thefts, and lockers are on the way. They might work well for dues-paying commuters, but I don’t yet see how they’re going to work for occasional riders.

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