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SNG: Report traffic signals that don’t give enough walk time or skip the walk unless you push a button

One of the most insidious ways our transportation infrastructure is designed to delay or harm people walking is mostly invisible: Traffic signals programmed to skip the walk signal unless someone pushes a button. Whenever a traffic signal skips a walk … Continue reading

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As traffic deaths and injuries increase, Mayor will reduce speed limits to 25, add red light and speed cameras, and give walk signals a head start

Mayor Jenny Durkan made her boldest safe streets stand yet when she unveiled a 25 mph speed limit sign on Rainier Ave S, the first of several thousand sign changes coming in the next year and a half. But that’s … Continue reading

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#GivePedsTheGreen petitions SDOT to program traffic lights so they stop skipping walk signals

A new petition under the hashtag #GivePedsTheGreen is calling on SDOT to make an essentially invisible and low-budget change to traffic signals that could have a big impact on walkability, safety and accessibility in all corners of Seattle. It wouldn’t require any … Continue reading

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