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Work on Crown Hill to Northgate neighborhood greenway underway

Map from SDOT.

Work on a neighborhood greenway connecting Crown Hill to North Seattle College is underway, according to SDOT.

The construction will last six months and includes new traffic signals crossing Holman Rd at NW 92nd Street and Greenwood Ave at N 100th Street.

Bike commute data shows that bike-to-work rates drop steeply north of Holman Rd, a busy road without bike lanes and very few safe crossing options. The city repaved the road a few years ago, but chose not to adequately address the street’s major biking and walking access issues.

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This neighborhood greenway route augments recent Safe Routes to School projects and several Neighborhood Street Fund projects led by dedicated neighbors in recent years. The western terminus at North Seattle College will connect to the Northgate biking and walking bridge scheduled to open in 2020.

More details from SDOT:

We’ve hired a contractor to build this greenway and the entire project will take roughly 6 months to complete. Work in front of a specific block or intersection will last for a shorter duration. Construction will begin at Holman/13th and at 92nd/8th as soon as July 23.

Most construction activity will be at intersections where the greenway crosses a busy arterial. We’ll notify neighbors at these intersections separately to give you a heads up about what to expect:

  • 15th Ave NW – sidewalk corners and curb ramps, stripe new crosswalks
  • Holman Rd NW – new traffic signal, crosswalk, sidewalk corners and curb ramps, in coordination with the Neighborhood Street Fund project (we’re maintaining the existing pedestrian overpass)
  • 8th Ave NW – sidewalk corners and curb ramps, new crossing beacon, crosswalks
  • 3rd Ave NW – sidewalk corner and curb ramps, new crossing beacon, crosswalks
  • Greenwood Ave N (at N 100th St) – new traffic signal, sidewalk corners and curb ramps, and crosswalks

The North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway will span roughly 2 miles, connecting Crown Hill and the Soundview Playfield through Greenwood, Licton Springs, and meeting up with the future Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge, that will add a new walking/biking route over I5 and connect you with the Link light rail station in 2021.

Once complete, the greenway will connect to existing and future family-friendly bike routes in North Seattle. The bike network includes bikeways and Safe Routes to School connections that get you where you want to go, giving you affordable, active transportation options for all ages and abilities. Connections include:

  • Parks: Soundview Playfield, Crown Hill Park, Sandel Park, and Licton Springs Park
  • Schools: Whitman Middle School, Eagle Staff Middle School, Cascadia Elementary School, Licton Springs K-8 School, Greenwood Elementary School, St. John Catholic School, and North Seattle College
  • Neighborhoods, business districts: Crown Hill, Greenwood, Licton Springs, and Northgate
  • Citywide bike network: 17th Ave NW Neighborhood Greenway, Fremont Neighborhood Greenway, Eagle Staff Neighborhood Greenway, College Way N bike lanes, and N 92nd St bike lanes
  • Transit: RapidRide lines on Holman and Aurora, bus routes on Greenwood and College Way N, and future Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge to light rail

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6 responses to “Work on Crown Hill to Northgate neighborhood greenway underway”

  1. Gary Yngve

    Wow! This looks great! I also noticed a new diverter at Dayton and 90th St.
    On another note, this part of Seattle really needs more safe E-W routes, especially when detours can involve significant hills. West of Aurora, currently, there is the Burke-Gilman and the 58th St Greenway (with its amazing ped-priority traffic light at 8th Ave W). 77th St is currently signed as the bicycle route to Golden Gardens, but the crossing at 3rd Ave W is not great, and I usually rodeo on 80th St instead.
    East of Aurora, there’s the south side of the lake to Aurora underpass to Linden, and there’s the north side of the lake, which results in either dangerous Winona by PCC, or 77th St, with a very long wait for the traffic light. The new 92nd St route is very nice. I’m surprised I haven’t checked out the Wallingford Greenway yet…

    1. This is part of a pair of diverters on 90th. One on Dayton the other on Linden. I would like to see diverters on actual greenway routes like Portland and Vancouver do. I think Portland and Vancouver are also better at making seamless connections between greenways, PBLs, and trails than we are. This shows we are getting better though – it will connect to existing greenways, as well as the future Northgate bridge and Green Lake PBLs (via Fremont Greenway).

  2. Law Abider

    This will be great going north. Currently, I use 83rd to get between 8th Ave and Fremont/Interurban. Any idea why SDOT doesn’t get on board with HAWK signals at the minor, but still busy roads, like 3rd? Rapid flashing beacons are great, and maybe they’re “good enough” in SDOT’s eyes, but I’ve been really impressed with the compliance for HAWK signals that I’ve seen around the country.

    Also, I love how SDOT didn’t bat an eye at proposing a new signal at 15th/92nd, but whey they were asked to put a signal at 17th/Leary, they acted like you were asking them to put a man on Mars. New leadership?

    1. Jessi

      I love the new 4 way stop on Leary at 20th. Best thing to happen when I have to commute downtown. But I ride all over the north end for work, so I get to experience a lot of different routes. I also use 83rd from 6th to Interurban and will probably continue to do so as there are too many people driving up 17th who don’t mind the humps and like the lack of stop signs and avoiding 15th and others traveling E/W who don’t stop for the stop signs. I only use 17th for a few blocks.

  3. asdf2

    This is great. However, it’s important to understand that, in the age of Waze, the only way to prevent cut through traffic is to physically make the road not go through (at least for cars). Many drivers these days, just blindly follow the route their phone tells them, and the routing algorithms don’t care whatsoever about speed bumps, or a desire to keep cut through traffic out of the neighborhood streets, if they think it will save the driver 50 feet or one stoplight.

    I have witnessed this behavior firsthand when riding Uber and Lyft – drivers cut through the neighborhoods all the for no reason other than that their phone tells them to.

  4. Nancy Helm

    Does anyone know if SDOT has specific plans to make 77th a greenway? It is so close and yet so far for the reasons mentioned: more crossing at 3rd and long light at Aurora.

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