SDOT working on plans to continue the Broadway cycle track on Yesler

SDOT is working on plans that would extend the proposed cycle track on Broadway down Yesler (download the PDF of the above image to see more detail). Ethan Melone, Rail Transit Manager for SDOT, said they are still studying the idea and are not yet sure if they will pursue the track.

“It is still possible we will decide the cycle track is not that well suited to Yesler, as we are still working on some of these important details,” said Melone in an email.

On first glance, an obvious trouble spot may be getting into the southbound bike lane on 14th. The curve of the tracks could make it difficult to get into the bike lane while crossing the tracks at a steep enough angle (anything less than 65 degrees or so is potentially dangerous). But this problem could possibly be engineered out, and SDOT does not have these details worked out yet.

“At any end point or ‘portal’ to a cycle track, this needs to be addressed,” said Melone. “We think something like a ‘scramble’ signal phase (all red for vehicles) is probably the best approach. We have to see how well that might work at 14th and Yesler.”

Meanwhile, the debate between cyclists over the proposed cycle tracks continues. Check out the Cycle Tracks and Seattle series if you haven’t already.

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