First Hill Streetcar and bike track visualization

SDOT released this video of a potential design of Broadway with the new streetcar and bicycle track. Now, it’s important to remember that there will be parking in those lanes next to the bike track, so try to imagine every parking spot full (which is likely to be the case).

Would you feel safer riding there than the way it is now? My main question is whether the bike track is going to get it’s own signal for making left turns across the tracks. After all, bikes will no longer be able to safely occupy the turn lane unless they have mountain bikes. This video was clearly not attempting to tackle that issue quite yet, but it’s a concern going forward.

I am very excited about the possibility of redoing Broadway and making it a complete street. The streetcar is potentially exciting, but I will oppose it unless it adequately considers the safety needs of bicyclists. This design seems headed in the right direction. So long as proper traffic controls are in place to help cyclists safely make left turns at ALL intersections (not just a couple major ones), then this design looks great.

UPDATE: A commenter, joshuadf, at Seattle Transit Blog pointed out this video from Vancouver that shows how to use the bike boxes to turn and gives a look at a somewhat similar bike track Dunsmuir.

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