Bike boxes headed to Cap Hill, International District

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SDOT is installing bike boxes at three intersections to help bikes make left turns and avoid right hooks (see #5, #6 and #7 at BikeSafe).

From the P.I.

To start, SDOT will install bike boxes in the International District at Seventh Avenue South and Dearborn Street; and on Capitol Hill at East Pine Street and 12th Avenue and East Madison Street where it meets 12th Avenue and Union Street, according to Charles Bookman SDOT’s director of traffic management.

“If you allow bicycles to go to the front of the queue — with the cars turning right, it’s less likely they’ll plow into them,” Bookman said Tuesday during a City Council transportation committee hearing.

“If the bicyclist is in front of the car, the driver has to wait until it’s clear.”

Where the bike boxes are going:

View 7th Ave S & S Dearborn St in a larger map

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