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Veo launches e-bike share in Seattle

A new bike share competitor has entered Seattle. Today, Chicago-based Veo is rolling out 500 e-bikes onto Seattle streets, the first legitimate bike share competitor to Lime since Lime acquired Jump in spring 2020. Veo is launching its new Cosmo … Continue reading

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Geekwire: Lime is adding another 1,500 JUMP bikes in Seattle, bikes now available in Lime app

If you have been having trouble finding a bright red shared JUMP bike around town, relief may be on the way. Lime is planning to quadruple the number of shared e-bikes on Seattle streets from 500 to 2,000 by the … Continue reading

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Bike share is back. Lime relaunches 500 JUMP bikes

Lime has relaunched e-assist bike share in Seattle, about six weeks after pulling their newly-acquired red JUMP bikes from the streets following a major investment deal with Uber. There are far fewer bikes hitting the streets than were available before. … Continue reading

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Seattle has no bike share now, Lime says it will relaunch bikes at some point

For the first time since July 2017, no bike share bikes are available in Seattle. As a consequence of the major investment deal yesterday between Uber and Lime, JUMP and its red bikes now belong to Lime. Though users could … Continue reading

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Lime takes over JUMP as part of big Uber investment deal

Seattle’s final operational bike share service just changed hands in yet another major shakeup in the private bike share saga. Uber led a $170 million investment in a majorly devalued Lime, and Lime will take on Uber’s JUMP bike and … Continue reading

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JUMP is offering free rides to essential workers + City is adding bike parking where needed to ease crunch

To help people get around during the COVID-19 outbreak, Seattle’s only bike share company JUMP is offering free 30-minute rides to essential workers during the stay-at-home order (“at least”). Workplaces just need to email [email protected] to get ride codes they … Continue reading

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As city adds lots of bike parking, audit finds fewer poorly-parked bike share bikes + More bike share updates

The city’s quarterly audit of bike share parking (PDF) found a massive 57% drop in the percentage of Jump and Lime bikes parked incorrectly. Of 756 bikes audited (approximately half Lime and half Jump), staff found only one (0.1%) that … Continue reading

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Bike share use steady with fewer bikes and higher prices, but bike parking remains a problem

The meteoric rise of bike share in Seattle in recent years has plateaued as the number of bikes in operation shrink and prices rise. However, despite these changes, people in Seattle took about as many bike share rides in the … Continue reading

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As shared bikes and cars get more exclusive, it’s time to start thinking about what happens next

Lime bikes are blowing up. Literally. Exploding Lime Bike battery on UW campus … yikes! from r/Seattle This post is not about the couple of battery explosions reported in Seattle recently, but it’s hard to ignore that very visible (and … Continue reading

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Lime and JUMP raise prices, city revokes 2,000 bike permits

Seattle’s ongoing experiment with private, free-floating bike share has changed the landscape for biking in the city, helping to raise city bike counts to record heights. Bike share in Seattle has been unprecedentedly successful at increasing the raw number of … Continue reading

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JUMP now reaches city limits, undercuts Lime by $1

After adding more bikes and changing its fare structure this week, JUMP’s red bikes now reach all of Seattle and cost $1 less to ride than Lime’s green and yellow bikes. JUMP initially launched Seattle service in November with a limited … Continue reading

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JUMP expands service to SE and West Seattle following criticism, announces 2K new bikes

Following a Seattle Times story critical of the company’s limited service area, JUMP has expanded to include all of Southeast and West Seattle. Though the Times story headline says that JUMP has been charging people $25 for parking outside the … Continue reading

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Uber’s JUMP launches their lock-to, slightly cheaper e-bikes in central Seattle

After months of delays getting the new bike share permit in place and through environmental review, Uber’s JUMP launched in Seattle this morning. They join Lime, which has had a temporary monopoly on bike share in town since early summer … Continue reading

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Seattle’s next bike share battle could be between Lime, Uber and Lyft + Let’s start a scooter pilot

Though it’s been scaling back its efforts for a while now, Spin has officially announced an end to its bike share service in Seattle. Citing an increase in fees and the decision not to include scooters in the city’s updated … Continue reading

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Uber-owned Jump wants to launch its e-bike service in Seattle

No new companies have received permits to operate bike share services in Seattle since the autumn, but Uber-owned Jump is hoping to be next. The city is waiting to approve more companies until their revamped bike share permit is ready. … Continue reading

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