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Actions planned before Tuesday City Council meeting on slashed bike plan

This moment right now was supposed to be the time Seattle finally took bold action on bike safety projects, taking our years of planning and making them real. The big electoral victory in November should have given the city both … Continue reading

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City Council decides the fate of Pronto Cycle Share

The Seattle City Council will decide the fate of Pronto Cycle Share during their 2 p.m. today (Monday). Seattle Bike Blog will be there with live coverage, so be sure to check back or follow along on Twitter: @SeaBikeBlog. You … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes of Pronto with the experts who make it all work

When you go to check out a Pronto Cycle Share bike, you probably only see the bikes and docks. You beep a bike with your key fob or swipe your credit card at a kiosk and a bike unlocks. You … Continue reading

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Pronto buyout passes committee amid confusion, heads to full Council vote

At the end of the City Council Sustainability & Transportation Committee meeting Tuesday, the Pronto ordinance appeared to end in a 3-3 tie with Councilmembers Tim Burgess, Lisa Herbold and Debora Juarez voting NO and Rob Johnson, Kshama Sawant and … Continue reading

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Pronto buyout is not only a good deal for Seattle, it’s the only choice that makes sense

Sustainability, access to healthy transportation choices, economic development, congestion reduction, innovation. Public bikes grow and support so many of Seattle’s goals and values as a city that it’s hard to believe we are even thinking about cutting modest losses and … Continue reading

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A sober look at Pronto’s finances ahead of Council meeting

The City of Seattle already cut checks in December and early 2016 totaling $305,000 to keep Pronto Cycle Share operational, Josh Feit at Publicola reports. This revelation will certainly be a topic of conversation during tomorrow’s 2 p.m. Transportation Committee … Continue reading

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Pronto needs city buyout before end of March, how did we get here?

The hard deadline to save Pronto is March 30. With more than 30,000 people taking 144,000 trips in the first year of operations, supporters and City Councilmembers are scratching their heads trying to figure out how Pronto got into such … Continue reading

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With Pronto in the red, city outlines takeover and expansion plan

Story updated with comments from SDOT Chief of Active Transportation Nicole Freedman. The city is just about ready to take over, rework and expand Pronto Cycle Share. Think of it as Pronto 2.0. According to the new plan, 2016 will … Continue reading

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O’Brien will Chair the Transportation Committee

It’s not just for photo ops, Councilmember Mike O’Brien really does bike everywhere. But he’s also not just about bikes. O’Brien has a seat on the Sound Transit Board, and he has been a strong advocate for biking, walking and … Continue reading

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Move Seattle saves the transpo budget + Pronto gets oversight + Red light cameras will fund school safety

When Mayor Ed Murray presented his proposed 2016 budget, he had to assume there would be no replacement for Bridging the Gap, and it was pretty devastating. There was an exciting $5 million one-time expenditure for expanding Pronto Cycle Share, … Continue reading

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2015 City Council endorsements

Before the City Council primary this year, we wrote: the biggest mission for this primary should be to knock out the NIMBY candidates who fear change and want to put the brakes on our growing city and the multimodal streets … Continue reading

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Support the Pronto expansion at today’s 2016 budget hearing

Pronto is just one year old, and already people have pedaled the equivalent distance from the earth to the moon and halfway back. That’s not too shabby considering the average trip on Pronto is less than 20 minutes and only … Continue reading

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Ahead of public hearing, a couple ways to make the 520 Bridge plans better

In case you haven’t noticed, the state is building a new 520 Bridge. And as we noted back in February, the biking and walking elements of their Seattle-side plans have come a long way since the initial drafts. But there’s … Continue reading

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Primary ballots are in the mail! Here’s what candidates say about safe streets

UPDATE 7/20: You can now read candidate questionnaire responses from Feet First and Cascade Bicycle Club. Approximately half the city’s population is running for City Council right now. Lucky for you, the new district elections system means you only have … Continue reading

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Council keeps full-strength Move Seattle levy, adds extra safety emphasis

The Seattle City Council is only one step away from sending a nine-year, $930 million property tax levy for transportation to voters in November. Mayor Ed Murray’s Move Seattle levy made it through the Council’s special committee shaping the measure … Continue reading

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Huge support for safe streets at Move Seattle hearing + Need to focus on vision rather than costs

The call for safe streets during Tuesday’s public hearing on the Move Seattle levy was overwhelming. Indeed, as person after person and family after family got up to advocate for safe streets in their neighborhoods, I kept waiting for someone … Continue reading

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Support safe streets at Move Seattle public hearing Tuesday

The Move Seattle transportation levy puts a pretty strong emphasis on safety, but there’s one key piece that many safe streets advocates in the city think is far too low: Safe Routes to School. You can tell the City Council … Continue reading

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Why the Move Seattle levy needs to fund bold action on walking and biking safety

The past decade has seen steep increases in safety for people inside cars in Seattle, but the city’s safe streets efforts have barely moved the dial on reducing the total number of people biking or walking who are seriously injured … Continue reading

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Cascade announces some early City Council endorsements, supports Godden opponent

As we reported earlier this week, Cascade Bicycle Club has wisely chosen not to ditch their political election work. We also reported that the club’s first political act after making that choice was to endorse Rob Johnson for Seattle City … Continue reading

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Longtime City Council Transportation Chair Tom Rasmussen will not seek reelection

For years, Tom Rasmussen has been the most influential member of the City Council when it comes to transportation issues. Through several Council committee shakeups, he has remained the Chair of the Transportation Committee, and nearly all big city transportation … Continue reading

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