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Milton repeals helmet law + How bike share and helmet laws might coexist

There are a handful of topics that online forums seem completely incapable of discussing rationally. Gun control, white male privilege and George Lucas are examples. In the biking world, the most irrational topic of conversation is probably helmets—specifically, all-ages mandatory … Continue reading

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With bike share on the horizon, it’s time to rethink King County’s adult helmet law

With Portland officially passing funding for a bike sharing system, Seattle can no longer pretend bike sharing is something that only happens in other parts of the country and the world. Bike sharing is proven, effective and safe — so … Continue reading

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Metro replacing bus bike rack arms + the mayor tweets about bike sharing

The outside arms on King County’s relatively new three-bike racks on the front of their buses are wearing out far more quickly than expected. The racks are still under warranty, so the manufacturer is sending replacement parts. However, you may … Continue reading

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Seattle University to launch bike share program, King County prepping system of its own

Seattle University students, faculty and staff may soon be able to participate in a school bike share system, according to The Spectator. The Seattle University Bike Share (SUBS) does not yet have a launch date, but the Associated Students of … Continue reading

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Bike share data: Bikes are faster in-city than cars

EDITOR’S NOTE: While I am in majestic St. Louis, Missouri, for the holidays, I will be posting interesting bike links and urging discussion. I’ll still be writing, but at a reduced rate. Feel free to comment on this link or … Continue reading

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More details on coming Ballard bike share program

Within the next few weeks, Ballard could have a small, prototype bike sharing system with a couple stations and 10-20 bikes. Mark Hulscher of the Bike Share Group originally described the organization’s plan as a “pilot” program, but said he … Continue reading

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Bike sharing pilot could be headed to Ballard

The Ballard News Tribune reports that a pilot bike sharing program could be headed to Ballard as early as November: Ballard resident Mark Hulscher and the Bike Share Group want to create the first Seattle bike share system that will … Continue reading

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King County wants a bike sharing program

Seattle Transit Blog pointed out yesterday that a bike sharing pilot program is on the PSRC’s list of projects recommended for federal funding. Martin H. Duke asked Metro planners for more details: Grant funding is critical to getting the program … Continue reading

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Cast your Walk Bike Ride ballot

What would help you walk, bike and/or ride the most? More bike lanes? Sidewalks? Light rail? Walk Bike Ride wants to know. Vote now. I found this ballot nearly impossible to complete because everything on there is really important. Would … Continue reading

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Walk Bike Ride Challenge starts today

The city is using the month of July to push Walk Bike Ride, their initiative to increase the number of people using modes of transportation other than the car. If you register your efforts on their website, you will be … Continue reading

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