Watch: Fremont Bridge nears 1 million 2019 bike trips 1 month early

UPDATE: Cascade Bicycle Club, Queen Anne Greenways and Ballard-Fremont Greenways will host a celebration 3–5 p.m. Saturday, October 19. Details here.

Video transcript (.txt)

As we reported previously, 2019 bike trips across the Fremont Bridge are set to break one million within a week, likely this weekend or early next week.

But why read about this news when you can watch a video complete with giant graphs hovering over the city like the spaceships in Independence Day?

For real, though, this is pretty exciting. And those who did read the previous story, note that I actually cropped the peaks of some 2019 months in the month-by-month graph I posted. I have since updated it with this even more impressive (and accurate) image:

Graph of monthly Fremont Bridge bike totals since 2012.I also looked at how the average daily bike trips compare year to year, and it’s pretty incredible. Since it is only mid-October, I used only data from January through September of each year:

Average trips per day by year. The trend is steadily up with 2728 in 2013, 3006 in 2014, 2952 in 2015, 2965 in 2016, 2836 in 2017, 3109 in 2018 and 3442 in 2019.And here’s the year-over-year percent change by month between 2018 and 2019. This February’s major snowfall and 2018’s smokey August are the biggest outliers, but the trend is very positive across nearly the entire year so far:

Percent change by month between 2018 and 2019. 24% in January, -29% in February, 11% in March, 10% in April, -1% in May, 17% in June, 8% in July, 27% in August and 17% in September.All this is to say that you all are great and biking is wonderful.

Also, let me know what you think of this style of video.

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12 Responses to Watch: Fremont Bridge nears 1 million 2019 bike trips 1 month early

  1. Hindmost99 says:

    When did the extension to the 2nd ave bike lane open? I remember that causing a step change in the West Seattle counter, but I winner of that also invoked flows across the bridge…

    • Hindmost99 says:

      April of 18 – right about the time that there was a step change for Fremont traffic, more out less. Interesting that the Westlake cycle track didn’t increase traffic when it opened in 9/16…

  2. Gary Yngve says:

    I assume the counter doesn’t count those of us who bicycle over the bridge deck?

  3. asdf2 says:

    Does the counter have enough digits to display 1,000,000, or will it reset back to zero?

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      I believe the annual “thermometer” just reaches the top and stays that way until Jan 1. The numbers only show the daily count.

  4. Andrew Sapuntzakis says:

    See the video for how the counters show data.
    I believe the digits display the running total for the day, and a “vertical progress bar” shows yearly riders (up to 1 million).

  5. asdf2 says:

    To put this number in context,how many car trips per day go across the Fremont bridge? If it’s 30,000, that means bikes have hit the 10% mark. With limited capacity, due to the stoplights, I don’t see how the number of daily car trips could be much more than 30k.

    • Jeffrey Fisher says:

      Found a Seattle Times article which quoted 28,800 cars per day over the fremont bridge in 2014. So you are probably in the ballpark.

  6. eddiew says:

    yes, vehicle trips are about 30k per weekday. of those vehicles, about 500 weekday bus trips carried about 8,500 riders across the bridge.

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