July sets another Fremont Bridge bike count record

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 7.42.03 AMBike volumes on the Fremont Bridge continue to break records this year, far outpacing 2013 by nearly every measure.

July was the bikiest month yet recorded, with 120,669 trips measured over the bridge. That is 2.8 percent higher than July 2013, which set a record for that year. And while that is a slower growth rate compared to the average 11 percent growth in previous months, it keeps the city on the path to breaking the one million bike trips mark by the end of the year.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.07.59 AMOne reason for the slowdown was a day of heavy rain July 23, which cut trips down to a still-impressive 1,989 trips. And as Mike Logsdon found in a short follow-up to his statistical analysis of the bridge data for Seattle Bike Blog, the day after the heavy rain showed an “echo” effect with only 3,002 bike trips. Rain not only depresses trips on the day of, but also the day after.

A nice July weekday saw counts somewhere around 5,000, which nearly matches the 2013 one-day record. Last year’s record is this year’s normal.

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7 Responses to July sets another Fremont Bridge bike count record

  1. Cyclingroot says:

    The other day I rode over the bridge around 10:30 am and the counter was at 1,900. That was a pleasant surprise, since I usually ride early around 6 am when it sits around 70

  2. Van says:

    I usually ride across around 6:20am (I vary by a few minutes, but not much) and I’m anywhere from 130 across to number 163 across. Some days are busier than others and the traffic really picks up around 7am. I guess because of when most people have to be at work. I start work at 7 so I usually have the privilege of being among the first 200 across :D

  3. Simon says:

    Car count is up too!

  4. erika says:

    The counter is broken. When someone just stands there, it keeps counting. Probably cut those numbers by at least 1/2. Why haven’t they fixed it to really understand how many are biking over?

  5. D. Snyder says:

    Too bad it doesn’t count all of us who ride UNDER the Fremont Bridge on the bike trail.
    I ride from the U-District to Ballard for work and back home most every day and see dozens of the same people. Often see new people now, too.

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