Vote Yes on Prop 1 (duh) + Ballot Party Wednesday

At a time when King County’s population is booming, we need our transit service to boom with it. Cutting Metro service by 17 percent is simply not an option.

Your ballot should be in your mailbox very soon if it is not there already. It’s a short ballot, and should only take you a minute to open it, mark the oval for “Yes” on Prop 1, and get it ready to mail. If you want to save the stamp, you can take it to one of these ballot drop boxes. Don’t wait until the April 22 deadline. Vote early.

As Josh Cohen reported for Seattle Bike Blog earlier this month, passing Prop 1 could also give King Country legislators more latitude when discussing a future state transportation package. Instead of being forced to swallow an ugly highway-expansion bill in order to save basic transit service, legislators should be able to focus on how to best move people and goods around our state.

Ballot Party

Like to party after you vote? You’re in luck! The Washington Bus and Move King County Now are throwing a ballot party to save Metro Wednesday at Chop Suey (14th and Madison). Doors open at 7:30. Get your tickets online. It’s free and all ages.

977050_10152021042327409_357260486_oFrom the event listing:

Parliament returns for a second straight year… This time, we’re going all in to SAVE KING COUNTY METRO!

Parliament is a) a party featuring great local bands, b) an opportunity to help save crucial bus routes for thousands of riders, and c) unstoppably awesome.

With the April 22 Special Election coming up quick, we have the opportunity to prevent massive cuts to bus routes across Seattle by approving new funding for King County Metro. Bring your ballot, find out how you can get involved, and get down to local bands.

All your details below:


Who: The Bus + Move King County Now + Chop Suey + You + Your Rad Friends of All-Ages!

What: The annual event that fuses local music with activism; this year, we’re working to Save Metro!

Where: Chop Suey – 1325 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98122 (two blocks north of the Bus office on Madison in Capitol Hill).

When: Wednesday, April 9th. Doors at 7:30.

How: Bring yourself and as many friends as possible because this show is FREE and ALL AGES!

This show brings together two things dear to my heart: Transit and The Hoot Hoots. (Fun fact: I was in the Hoot Hoots for a brief time many years ago before they got really good.) I’ll definitely be there. Bring your dancing shoes.

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