Mayor Murray bets a Seattle-made Rodriguez bike that the Seahawks win

superbowl1This morning, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray bet Denver Mayor Michael Hancock a Rodriguez bike (and some other stuff) that the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl.

That would be a pretty solid score for Mayor Hancock if the Seahawks lose. Rodriguez bikes are made in Seattle, and have been since 1973.

Of course, the score will leave the Denver mayor cruising around town with a very Seahawks-themed set of wheels:


If the Seahawks win, Murray will get some skis from Denver-based Icelantic Skis and some Colorado-style green chili, which is delicious (especially from this place).

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9 Responses to Mayor Murray bets a Seattle-made Rodriguez bike that the Seahawks win

  1. Native says:

    Maybe it should have been a Davidson instead… :)

  2. Get ready Mayor Hancock….. the bike will stay in Seattle, and the skis will be used at White or Snoqualmie pass….. I’m sure Mary Murray will enjoy your heart felt gifts……
    GO HAWKS!!!!!

  3. Jayne says:

    Disappointing. That’s a bike to ride, not for collecting dust in some fatcat politician’s storage room or basement.

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  7. Diana Miller says:

    It may be “how bout” Cowboys, but it’s “no doubt” about Seahawks! :-)

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