AP: Cargo bikes are the new minivans, and Seattle is leading the way

Cargo bikes are the new minivans, and Seattle families are leading the shift.

The Associated Press’ Phuong Le has a great story and video today featuring several people and families in Seattle using cargo bikes for all kinds of purposes. Need to haul freshly-caught fish to market or pick up some lumber at the hardware store? People in Seattle make it happen on bikes.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of cargo bikes is the way they can revolutionize the family experience. Madi Carlson, Seattle Bike Blog’s family cycling expert and author of FamilyRide, is featured along with Ballard-based Totcycle author Julian Davies and G&O Family Cyclery in Greenwood.

The message: When you’re on bikes, everyday errands become fun. And hauling family and goods on cargo bikes is easier than it looks.

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6 Responses to AP: Cargo bikes are the new minivans, and Seattle is leading the way

  1. meanie says:

    I love my cargo bike, but I need to sell it now that my kids are older, I am reluctant to list it on craigslist since most people have no idea what it is, or what its for.

    • merlin says:

      I think you just listed it on Seattle Bike Blog!

    • Ellie says:

      I bought my longtail cargo bike on Craigslist. You might be surprised… a lot of people are interested in cargo biking but want an affordable place to start. It might take longer to sell than a regular bike but it can be done.

    • crnk says:

      I think you’d be surprised. Also, due to recent popularity, demand is outstripping supply, meaning sometimes long waits for a new cargo bike. People may want to start 2nd hand for their first cargo bike.

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