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Madi is Seattle Bike Blog’s Family Cycling Expert. She is the author of Urban Cycling: How to Get to Work, Save Money, and Use Your Bike for City Living. She lives in Wallingford and bikes all over town with her two kids in tow. You can read more of her adventures and thoughts on family life on two wheels at

Family Ride: Hauling Christmas trees and cruising Candy Cane Lane by bike

EDITOR’S NOTE: Critical Lass will be biking to and through Candy Cane Lane Sunday. This family-friendly ride for women and their friends meets up 4 p.m. at Fix Coffeehouse in Green Lake. You can find more details on the event … Continue reading

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Carlson: Biking Seattle with Summer by Rail’s Elena Studier

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to Madi Carlson for this post. It comes on the heels of several great posts she’s been writing recently on her blog I especially like her post about family bike camping at Illahee State Park. Forget … Continue reading

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FamilyRide: 20 families bike together to go camping on Bainbridge

EDITOR’S NOTE: Madi Carlson is Seattle Bike Blog’s Family Bike Expert and author of Keep an eye out for her book, “Urban Cycling: How to get to work, save money, and use your bike for city living” available from … Continue reading

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FamilyRide: Kidical Mass swings by the under-construction Missing Link, Ballard Greenway bike counter

Sunday’s Kidical Mass ride took us to Ballard for our first look at the new two-way bikeway for part of the Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link. The paint isn’t down yet and I hope they’ll put more dividers in to make … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween from the Family Ride kids!

Quite unintentionally, my kids’ Halloween costumes have mirrored improvements to Seattle bike infrastructure over the last few years: 2010: Old style man-in-a-house sharrow (and mail carrier)

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FamilyRide: Seattle welcomes regular Kidical Mass rides

Kidical Mass is a fun, safe, easy going, and law-abiding family bike ride for kids of all ages. It started in Eugene, OR in 2008 and Seattle’s first ride took place May 15, 2009. Seattle has seen periods of monthly … Continue reading

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Ballard 58th Street Greenway Celebrated

Saturday, September 7th, 2013 marked the official opening of the new Seattle Neighborhood Greenway in Ballard. The party encompassed just one block, NW 58th Street between 20th and 22nd Avenues NW (with car access as needed), but the Greenway itself … Continue reading

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FamilyRide: Disaster Relief Trials registration now open – Space is limited

Did you feel that? Was that the mock rumble of a mock earthquake? You know it was! And with mock earthquakes, come Disaster Relief Trials. Seattle’s first DRT will occur Friday, June 21st at 3pm as part of the Bicycle … Continue reading

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FamilyRide: Save the date for disaster

What would happen if a major earthquake hit the Seattle Fault, causing roads to collapse and public transit to shut down? Portland explored how bicycles could help in just such a scenario during last year’s Disaster Relief Trials and more … Continue reading

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FamilyRide: Mapping our bike corrals

I love bike corrals! My big bike doesn’t really fit in the artsy ones, but I still love them. Riding through Ballard the other day, I passed one I’d never seen before. It’s not new, I’d just never biked on … Continue reading

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FamilyRide: Are you a fair-weather biker? Three fun rides to get back on the saddle

Fair-weather riders, take note: the seasons are changing! Three wonderful, easy-paced rides are coming up next month so dust off your bike, find your helmet, and get ready to roll. (Hard-core, year-round cyclists are welcome, too, of course.) We’ve got … Continue reading

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FamilyRide: Gotta haul something that won’t fit in your car? Call your friend with a family bike!

While my misery is loving the company my least favorite intersection post generated last week, I’m in the mood for something lighter this week. The kids and I hauled a big (empty) box from Green Lake to Lower Queen Anne … Continue reading

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FamilyRide: My least favorite intersection

The Bicycle Master Plan public comment period is over so now we just sit back and wait for the magic to happen. But while we’re waiting, who’s to say we can’t complain about our least-favorite intersections? The bulk of my … Continue reading

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FamilyRide: S.U.P.E.R. B.O.W.L. themed (sort of) kids’ bike event Sunday

Editor’s Note: Expect more posts from Madi at FamilyRide to appear on this blog going forward. We’re still working on a title for her new column. Staff Family Cycling Expert? Family Cycling Correspondent? Vote or suggest your own title in … Continue reading

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Join me for 30 Days of Biking in April

Editor’s note: Here’s a guest post by Madi from Family Ride. After reading this post, I’m not sure I have ever ridden my bike every day for 30 days straight without missing a single one. I never kept track before. … Continue reading

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