FamilyRide: Seattle welcomes regular Kidical Mass rides

Kidical MassKidical Mass is a fun, safe, easy going, and law-abiding family bike ride for kids of all ages. It started in Eugene, OR in 2008 and Seattle’s first ride took place May 15, 2009. Seattle has seen periods of monthly rides interspersed with droughts of not-so-monthly rides. As of next month, we’re back to monthlies:

First Sunday of the month, times and places vary

From the Totcycle Kidical Mass Seattle page:

Kidical Mass rides usually involve some mix of calm streets and bike trails, and ideally culminate in treats and park adventures. We do aim for some non-confrontational public visibility, since we feel that the more people see happy families out there biking, the more will join in on the general family cycling fun, and the safer we’ll all be.

Seattle Kidical Mass rides often make use of current and proposed Neighborhood Greenways to reach destinations all over Seattle. And now that Kids are the true indicator species of a bike-friendly city, it’s a great time to get out there and experience biking with the kids.

Details on the next ride:

Kidical Mass to Fall Colors in the Arboretum
Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 – 11:00 a.m.
Meet at Gas Works Park and ride three miles to the Washington Park Arboretum.
We’ll park our bikes at the Visitor Center and explore the nearby oak tree section where squirrels and acorns abound!
Then we’ll head back to Gas Works in a group when everyone’s ready.

In addition to the monthly ride, there will be additional rides as special events warrant. Ride dates and details can be found on the Seattle Bike Blog Events Calendar or have them delivered to your inbox via the Kidical Mass Seattle Signup.

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  1. merlin says:

    Families with kids are also welcome to join the S.L.O.W. (Senior Ladies* On Wheels) Rides that I will be hosting on Capitol Hill and the Central District. *Everyone welcome as long as you’re willing to ride S.L.O.W.!
    Next S.L.O.W. Ride is tomorrow (Saturday, 10/19) starting at 10:30 am at Homer Harris Park on 24th and East Howell (across from the East Madison YMCA) and going to the Northwest African American Museum where we will look at the new exhibit, Buddha as an Enslaved African, as well as their permanent exhibit of Northwest African American history. If riders are interested we’ll stop at Judkins Street Cafe for lunch. The ride is 5.5 miles round trip, all on low-traffic, mostly flat neighborhood streets.

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