Cascade: Man left unconscious after Dexter hit and run

Someone driving Tuesday morning struck Jerry Scott near Dexter and Denny, then fled the scene, Cascade Bicycle Club reports. The person responsible left Scott, who has biked the route to work for many years, unconscious on the side of the road with several ribs broken and a punctured lung.

If you were in the area Tuesday morning and saw anything, contact the police. Any information would help.

From Cascade:

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, Jerry Scott was riding his bike from his North Seattle home to his office in West Seattle as he does so many mornings. Jerry, a longtime Cascade member and 2011 board of directors candidate, was enjoying his summer morning ride until, less than halfway into his commute, he was swept off his feet by a car, hit the pavement and remained unconscious for 30 minutes.

Despite the heavy morning commute traffic on Dexter Avenue & Denny Way, the driver managed to leave the scene while on-watchers dialed 911.

Jerry was transported to Harborview where doctors discovered that he has five broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a serious concussion. He remembers little about the collision but recalls that there were other people on bikes around him. (Were you a witness?)

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Though the circumstances of the hit and run are not clear, it’s worth noting that the city has already identified the intersection of Dexter and Denny as a weak spot in the very popular Dexter bike route. We wrote in June about SDOT/King County Metro’s plans for changes, which should be coming soon.

The collision also happened just blocks from where Mike Wang was killed in 2011. The driver in that case, who also fled the scene, was arrested earlier this year and pleaded guilty to felony hit and run. He was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

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