Weekend Guide: Kids bike parade in Wallingford + World Naked Bike Ride

Kids biking down the center of the typically car-filled N 45th Street through Wallingford? Sounds like a good time to me.

Details from Family Ride:

  • Kids on kid bikes (with parents riding or walking along separately)
  • Kids on balance bikes (with parents riding or walking along separately)
  • Kids in on-bike kid seats
  • Kids in bike trailers
  • …Am I missing anything?

We’ll meet up on Corliss, just south of 45th. Show up by 10:45 to roll at 11:00. This year, the parade disperses in Wallingford Playfield Park, right where the Family Summer Festival takes place. Fun fun fun!

World Naked Bike Ride Saturday

It’s exactly how it sounds. Ride leaves Olympic Sculpture Park Beach at 2 p.m. for a tour of downtown and Capitol Hill. Nudity isn’t required, but riders are encouraged to go “as bare as you dare.”

From WNBR:

Launching human-powered awesomeness from the Olympic Sculpture Park Beach, featuring beach access + a sweeping view of Puget Sound + the Olympic Mountains!

The WNBR Downtown Seattle start and end location is at Olympic Sculpture Park Beach. (Please refer to Olympic Sculpture Park Map). The address of Olympic Sculpture Park is 2901 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121. If you look at the map, the beach is located at the North end of Foster Foundation Path, on the South end of Myrtle Edwards Park, off the Elliott Bay Trail/Terminal 91 Bike Path. Please note we will not be going into the main areas of the park naked. Please stay minimally-dressed until right before we leave and stay off the pedestrian/bike trail until we are ready to leave.

The start location is hosted by the Seattle Free Beach Campaign (SFBC), dedicated to promoting clothing-optional and topfree use of local beaches through social and advocacy events. Join the SFBC Facebook page (new as of today), Seattle Beaches Yahoo! Discussion group (founded in 2006) and check out their SFBC Naked Wiki page.

The Ride Starts at 2:30 PM!! The ride will be an amazing tour of the urban core of Seattle! We will go along the Central Waterfront, through Pioneer Square, Downtown, Pike Place Farmer’s Market, the Pike/Pine Coridor, Capitol Hill, Belltown and the Seattle Center International Fountain (video) and back to the OSP Beach to finish off the day with a Seattle Skinny dipping Record Attempt and small after ride chill time!

Please bring a creative minimum amount of clothing for the ride (undies, loincloth, sock, pasties, loincloth or thong) in case you need it.

Monthly Spokespeople ride for beginners Saturday

If you or someone you know is looking for a very inviting, easy and no-judging ride for beginners, the monthly Spokespeople rides are among the best. Ride leaves the Wallingford Playfield at 2 p.m.

From Spokespeople:

Saturday, July 7 is going to be a great day for a bike ride. We will visit a houseboat and explore life on the waterfront! We will leave our start point at the south end of Wallingford Playfield at 2 p.m. and travel along greenways (safe, healthy AAA All Ages Active streets).   Most of our about 9-mile ride is fairly flat with a hill coming back up to our starting point.  We’ll cancel the ride only in heavy rain (but not a little drizzle)! We hope you can join us!

Our ride leaders for this ride are Spokespeople founder Cathy Tuttle and Cascade Bike Club Certified Ride Leader Michael Snyder.

Did I miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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