Heavy work to start again on Dexter July 7

If the lure of wide buffered bike lanes for part of the street has gotten you back in the habit of riding on Dexter Ave, get ready to change your routine again. SDOT is going to start removing pavement for the second segment of the project July 7.

As we reported in May, work on the project is running a couple weeks behind schedule due to spring weather delays. However, the contractor still anticipated completion of work on all three phases in October.

So for the next month or so, be prepared for lane restrictions and rough pavement between Garfield and McGraw Streets. For detour options, including my personal favorite route, see our previous post.

From SDOT:

A contractor working for the Seattle Department of Transportation will grind and remove the existing asphalt pavement on Dexter Avenue North between McGraw Street and Garfield Street on Thursday and Friday, July 7 and 8. One travel lane in each direction will remain open on Dexter. There will be parking and loading restrictions near the work zone and periodic cross-street and driveway interruptions. Uniformed police officers will be on site to keep vehicles moving.

Drivers should reduce speeds when traveling through the area. Bicyclist should consider utilizing sidewalks or alternate routes. When riding on Dexter Avenue North, bicyclists will share a lane with motor vehicles and should expect grooved pavement and loose asphalt as well as raised utility casting and man holes in the street. There will be increased construction truck traffic.

Once asphalt removal (grinding) is complete, the contractor will make any needed repairs to Dexter Avenue’s base pavement. Paving is scheduled to take place in late July. Shortly after paving, crews will install bus islands, a buffered bike lane and apply new traffic markings and street channelization

In other Dexter news, The Bicycle Story posted this photo of some funny stencil modifications to the figure in one of the new Dexter bike lanes. I never really thought of the bike lane figure as having a gender, but I like the added character details. Maybe we could also have bike lane figures towing kids on a trail-a-bike or figures riding unicycles. I’m sure the Manual on Unified Traffic Control Devices would allow it…

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