Dexter paving two weeks behind schedule, but ready to Bike to Work Day

Note: Phase dates have not yet been adjusted for the project delays

Due to rainy and cold weather, Dexter Ave N construction is running about two weeks behind schedule. However, the contractor still expects to complete the project by October.

As Bike to Work Day nears (Friday), the first phase of Dexter Ave N paving has been completed. Crews are now working to stripe the new buffered bike lanes and install the concrete bus islands for the northern third of the project (see our previous story for more project details).

The second phase of repaving (which involves grinding away pavement, lane closures, etc all over again) is scheduled to start next week, ever so conveniently avoiding the thousands of extra people expected to ride to work for Bike to Work Week.

Josh Stepherson of Stepherson & Associates, which is helping to manage the project, wants to know what you all think of the project so far. If you have been avoiding Dexter the past couple months, give it a try this week and be sure to leave a comment here with your thoughts.

From Stepherson:

Phase one paving was initially planned for April 25th & 26th, unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions (paving requires 24 hours without rain and temperatures in excess of 40 degrees), the contractor was not able to complete paving until May 10th.

Now that paving has been completed, the contractor is able to finish the remaining work in phase one.  This includes building transit islands, inserting a buffered bike lane and applying permanent street channelization.  Phase two construction is scheduled to begin the week of May 23rd.

Though the completion date for phase one is a couple of weeks later than initially planned the contractor is still planning to complete its work in October.

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  1. Chris Hennessy says:

    I am very curious why the first stretch of dexter needs to be completed before crews can start grinding off the pavement on the next section. It seems to me that the grinding and preparation take a couple weeks-and can be done in the rain-so if they had done that when they were unable to do the paving-they would be that much further ahead once the first section was paved. Sort of a leapfrog approach-the work on the second section starts before the first section is done-

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