No, seriously, stop driving (VIDEO)

Please, do not drive today. A big part of me wants to believe that, after yesterday evening’s commute from hell, nobody will try driving today. But that’s probably just not true.

If you need more convincing, here’s a series of videos taken from people around Seattle just last night.

Queen Anne:

Capitol Hill:

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5 Responses to No, seriously, stop driving (VIDEO)

  1. Joshua says:

    nice videos, winter is here!

  2. Jure says:

    People just not know how to drive in thes conditions, everybody just hit the brake on full when they started sliding and that is wrong :) we love winter :)

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  4. Classic Subaru overconfidence. I love my Subaru for snow driving and it gets me just about anywhere even during the 2008 snowpocalpyse, but come on! Trying to drive up the Queen Anne counterbalance in a snowstorm? What an *IDIOT*!

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