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Check it out over there on the right. Nope, scroll down a little bit further… there you go. OK, I know the side bar is not totally easy and dynamic to use. It’s on the list (boy, that list keeps getting longer…)

If you have not been to before (here are the Seattle listings), it’s a pretty neat tool for tracking (and hopefully finding) stolen bikes. You can also follow @stolenbikessea on Twitter to keep track of what’s been stolen and help spread the word.

Having a serial number helps a lot, so go run out and write yours down now. Where do you find your bike’s serial number, you ask? Well, that all depends. The University of Texas has a quick guide to finding your bike’s number. also has bike theft reports, but there are fewer of them (though the map is nice). And of course, there are the maps I post on Fridays from SPD reports. I sure wish some tech savvy person wanted to take on a project where they combine these resources into one mega awesome Seattle bike theft resource (contact me)…

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