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Bicycle Pull-Apart owner: ‘I have always followed the letter of the law’

Eric Patchen. Screenshot from 2010 CityStream episode (watch below)
Eric Patchen. Screenshot from 2010 CityStream episode (watch below)

Eric Patchen didn’t build up credit, and he didn’t inherit a lot of money. So when he wanted to start a bike shop in Belltown, he did it without loans.

“I did it on my own,” Patchen said. “I put my heart and soul into this thing … I thought anyone who had a dream and a desire to own a business could be here.”

But as we reported yesterday, Patchen and his Belltown bike shop Bicycle Pull-Apart are now the subject of a police investigation linking the shop to more than $10,000 worth of stolen bikes. Police say they spent months investigating BPA and Patchen after receiving tips that the shop was trafficking stolen bikes, but Patchen says he has always followed laws governing resale and pawn shops.

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He said police are under pressure to stem the bike theft “epidemic,” but arresting the actual thieves is a lot harder than arresting a shop owner.

“They [SPD] want to pin it on somebody who opens his doors every day and stands there and says, ‘Here I am,’ said Patchen. “I’m an easy target.”

Patchen was arrested March 13 and was released on his own recognizance. At a hearing a few days later, he was told that no charges would be filed immediately, but that he could still be charged at a later date. He went back to work and continued running his shop. Last week, police served a warrant and recovered three stolen bikes from the shop floor. Police outlined their investigation Monday on the SPD Blotter. The investigation is ongoing, and the shop remains open for business.

BPA does not carry a selection of brand new bikes like many other shops. Instead, the shop operates as a second-hand shop, purchasing bikes and bike parts, fixing them up, and reselling them out of their shop. Patchen said he believes strongly in recycling bikes and providing a low-cost option for low-income downtown residents to get some wheels.

He said he will work with people who do not have enough money to buy a bike to find a work-trade deal. His shop has also donated bikes and parts to various organizations, including Bike Works, New Horizons Ministries and Orion Center, he said.

But while Patchen says he is fixing up bikes that come into his shop (a legitimate and even socially beneficial business model), detectives claim he is purposefully switching out parts so they are harder to recognize as stolen. This “chop shop” model is common in bike theft rings.

Patchen owned some pedicabs before starting BPA and was even featured in a 2010 episode of Seattle Channel’s CityStream (watch the episode below). After trying for a while to buy, fix and sell bikes on Craigslist, he became frustrated with the inconsistent Craigslist market. People would be no-shows or he would have to travel far from Seattle to make a sale.

“I thought I would turn the tables and start a business where people bring bikes to me,” he said. So he started the shop in Belltown. “I tell people, ‘I’m Craigslist with a conscience.’”

Downtown has long been a bike theft hot spot. So being a shop in downtown that buys bikes means BPA gets a huge number of potentially stolen bikes coming through its doors. Seattle Police say “more than half of the bikes bought by the shop between February 2013 and January 2014 were bought from convicted felons, many of whom have records for burglary and theft.”

When police served a warrant and searched the shop April 9, they found three bikes that had been reported stolen. The total value of the bikes adds up to $9,000. Police are working to find the rightful owners, according to the SPD Blotter.

In a probable cause document filed when Patchen was arrested in March, detectives outline what they say is a bike theft system in which Patchen would purchase bikes from a middle man who Patchen trusted. The investigation was based in part on leads from informants and low-level bike thieves.

Patchen said he follows all the proper procedures, registering all the bikes into the Leadsonline computer database system for tracking property sold to pawn shops. He even runs the serial numbers through stolenbicycleregistry.com.

He walked me through the process he says he follows:

  • Someone walks in with a bike. Patchen asks them why they want to sell the bike and where they got it
  • He takes their ID card and makes a copy of it. The seller also signs required paperwork
  • He checks the seller’s name against a no-buy list. If they pass, he buys the bike
  • Patchen checks social media, Google and checks stolenbicycleregistry.com for reports of the bike being stolen. He also registers the bike in the Leadsonline system that police have access to
  • He waits the required 30 days before working on the bike and putting it on the floor and/or online for sale

This stolen bike, worth about $3,700, formed a large part of the BPA investigation. Image from the stolenbicycleregistry.com listing
This stolen bike, worth about $3,500, formed a large part of the BPA investigation. Image from the stolenbicycleregistry.com listing
Part of the police investigation involves “suspiciously mistyped serial numbers entered in the online system.” In the probable cause document, the detective goes as far as saying, “upon seeing the imprinted serial number, I can only conclude it was intentionally mistyped as the number was clear.”

But Patchen said he has no desire to aid in bike theft and, in fact, has helped people recover at least 40 bikes since he opened his shop.

Patchen said he had a former employee and friend he trusted and that person had burned him. Patchen said he bought a bike frame and fork from the former employee without running it through the normal system.

“My mistake was to not run it, because it was from a friend,” Patchen said. He said he is no longer friends with the person who sold him the frame and fork.

But as for the larger problem of bike theft, he blames the police process that fails to link reported thefts with items registered by resale shops. He said that if he enters a bike into the system and it later gets reported as stolen, then the police should have access to that information and be able to make that connection.

“Beyond that, I’d have to go find the criminal for them, then go find the owner and return the bike to them,” said Patchen. “I’m not a super hero.”

Here’s a 2010 CityStream segment on Patchen, where he takes the crew around downtown on a pedicab tour:

Seattle Pedal Cabs from Adam Bale on Vimeo.

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64 responses to “Bicycle Pull-Apart owner: ‘I have always followed the letter of the law’”

  1. Eric

    What’s the line? “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

    Having spoken to other used bicycle re-sellers in the past about this very issue, they have often remarked that buying used bikes off the street is definitely an area full of greys… so I can imagine no used bike shop is 100% clean. But they also remarked that if there was a hint of impropriety, they’d choose not to buy. Just by the facts alone (*three* stolen bikes on the floor all *at the same time*), I wonder how many stolen bikes (tens? hundreds?) have passed through this shop over the years.

    With an epidemic of bike thefts in our city, this guy is at the very least guilty of willful ignorance.

    1. Gary

      3 bikes out of how many did he have? A hundred? 10?

      I can see mistyping in the serial number, truly possible with some sloppy typing. So I will give the guy the benefit of the doubt. But we have seen this before with a pawn shop actviely soliticing stuff and then folks going out to steal it.

      Still though, if what he says is true, then the person who sold him the bike should be in the records and we should see yet another couple of arrests.

      1. Gary

        After reading the yelp reviews, and knowing a half dozen other reputable bike shops, I would never set foot in that place.

        If you want a used bike go to Columbia city cycles or Recycled Cycles.

  2. SJ Martin

    My confidence your integrity Tom has dwindled. Not in you personally, but for the blog and removing any comments that are negative towards Eric Patchen (the owner of BPA).

    What association do you have with him?

    Are you telling us that you questioned a suspected felon who has been thrown in jail many times and he told you he was “innocent”? What a shocker.

    Anyone who is interested should look into the history of the owner. He has been in and out of court more times than you can count on your hands and feet. He has been convicted, thrown in jail, and has multiple felonies on his record.

    He has been caught for steeling in the past and “my assumption” is that this most recent of events will end up no differently.

    Go read the Yelp reviews of Eric Patchen taking someones bike in for a “tune up” only to never be returned again, parted out and sold. I’m not the only one this has happened to at BPA Seattle.

    1. Richard

      What?? Journalistic integrity requires that both sides of a story be reflected, and I think that was done quite effectively here. Tom doesn’t have to talk smack about this guy for it to be clear he’s a blight; the guy’s own statements make it very clear he’s a man who knows the exact details of the system and how best he can manipulate it for the most effective trafficking of stolen goods. It’s a little sad to see accusations of bias for what amounts to exactly the opposite.

    2. Tom Fucoloro

      I have no connection to BPA.

      I posted the SPD account yesterday and contacted Eric to ask if he wanted to talk about it. He called me back and we chatted for a while. This story reflects both police accounts and his statements to me.

      1. Roy

        Oh come on, go read it again and tell me it doesn’t sound extremely sympathetic to Patchen. It sounds like his slick charisma won you over. Sucker.

      2. Tracy

        So are comments being removed? Never noticed that before on this blog.

      3. Tom Fucoloro

        I rarely remove comments, but will do so with the goal of fostering productive conversation. I have not (as of yet) removed any comments from this thread.

  3. PedalPusher

    The responses Eric wrote on negative Yelp reviews are amazing, verging on “consider a restraining order” territory.


  4. anthony

    We have talked about this place before, so the news isn’t certainly anything surprising….

    My nose may not work that well usually, but I know bad smells when I smell them, and 3rd has had a nasty stench coming off it for some time now due to a certain bike business named here.

    I have gone in that place about a half dozen times, only to see some frames I know that the price point they were at was way to low, and these are rare pieces of steel too.

    1. If your nose draws you in the next time you walk by, please let us know your’e in the house. I ‘ll be more than happy to over quote you, and when you say “rare pieces of steel” are you referring to frames or the mechanics?

      By the way BPA will be open at its regularly scheduled time. 10am to 7pm

      “There is a reason why we’re OPEN “

  5. Roy

    Eric is a liar, the place absolutely is a chop shop. I’ve witnessed the pathetic lack of mechanical skills he and his buddies have, and have been hearing reports of stolen bikes and even pedicabs stolen from other companies turning up there.

    If it’s a normal used-bike business, why don’t places like Recycled Cycles end up in the news, their owners arrested, because all of the shady dealings and stolen bikes turning up there? Because they’re not chop-shops. The ‘Pull-Apart’, or BPA, or whatever name it’s going to change to now at whatever new address, definitely is. You’d have to be delusional to think otherwise.

    1. You’re right on point about one thing when it comes to this space!

      This is chop’s shop!

      Porkchop that is…

      1. doug

        You’re not helping your case, dude.

        Cyclists are now predisposed to hate you for being a fence. You better try and repair your reputation if you want to stay in business.

        I’ve never been to your shop. I did almost go once, but stopped at the door because nothing about it suggested to me a legitimate operation.

  6. They were not 3 bikes stolen on the floor at the same time. Completely inaccurate, the 3 bikes where all reported at the time of the transaction we immediately do so every time. One bike was in shop for almost 11 months (10 months past the 30 day hold period) the second was 9 months ( 8 months past 30 days) and the bike was completely upgraded a groupset from Apex to Rival all work done 2months past the 30 day hold period. The third bike was a recent purchase, serial numbers ran was cleared by leadsonline and no fuzzy or close matches in the bike registry. As well she cleared the “No buy list”, but somehow SPD has a different information process or database then we do as pawn shop owners and us as individuals desiring our bike back if taken. This is the reality of our world, SPD can wash out the truth, omit the details that define peoples perception of right and wrong. The facts are the facts we as cyclists and as americans deserve to hear the story in its entirety so that due process, fair judgement, and the rights of everyone are protected

    1. deegs

      So you’re saying the police didn’t take three stolen bikes out of your store?

      If I’m reading your comments correctly, you’re implying that the detectives are somehow wrong, convinced a judge by lying to him and are now making up charges against you. For your sake I hope you’re right, because you’ll make serious coin in your law suit.

    2. Roy

      SPD has an actual database of property reported stolen, you just have a constant flow of excuses & denials.

  7. Timothy

    I would avoid this place if I were you. I’ve been waiting a long time for this business to leave belltown. Ever since that new guy jimmy showed up, things keep getting sketchier and sketchier. Don’t bring your high end bikes here!!! They will ignore it for at least two weeks before you realize they aren’t going to do anything and you still have to pay them for rushed and incomplete work. If something smells like crap, it usually is. Chances are, if you bring your bike into the bpa:
    You might not ever see it again
    You might get busy and not be able to pick up your bike right away so it’s thrown in a pile and you have to pay more to get it back
    Your bike may or may not be fixed in three weeks when you finally get tired of waiting and are willing to pay twice as much just to get your bike out of the bpa and the bad taste out of your mouth.
    Although, if you’re cool, eric will be polite and treat you with respect if you do the same to him…but chances are, they’re not working on your bike man…they’re sitting in the back taking turns with a tiny glass pipe and some really dangerous substances which make the user highly volatile, dangerous, very paranoid, and completely unpredictable. I fear for my safety after posting this, but I want people to know. I wish to know how a place like this hasn’t been shut down yet. These are not accusations, simply what I’ve observed living across the street from this shop for over two and a half years…and the three times I took my beautiful bike in and it sat in a pile for two weeks before my patience ran out. I gave the bpa the benefit of the doubt 3 different times…what an idiot I was.

    1. John Doe

      After hearing about this current police investigation into Eric Patchen and his BPA shop I can say the real surprise is that he has lasted this long. My past relationship with Eric and first hand knowledge comes not from being a customer but an work associate. Though I have stayed far away from this current and third BPA in the Belltown neighborhood I can only imagine it’s the same as the previous two. On multiple accounts I have witnessed Eric purchase all to nice bikes from individuals that I wouldn’t dare buy crack from, to stolen bikes returned to the original owner for a retrieval price of course. Also accounts are correct that he had knowingly purchased a stolen pedicab and then repainted & swapped components. The pedicab in question was owned by “Seattle Purple Cabs” and that cab was purchased from Cascadia Cabs in which Eric Patchen managed, so he knew exactly who owned it and where it came from. Luckily the cab was located in front of the 1st BPA on 4th ave three weeks after it was stolen and retrieved by SPD and returned to the owner. Also I’m pretty sure he’s still owes the first two locations thousands of dollars in back rent. To my knowledge Patchen’s burned every bridge that has ever started concerning the Seattle bicycle shop and pedicab industry. I have certainly witnessed Patchen being professional through in all to many instances I’ve witnessed all to short of a fuse indicating bi-polar tendencies. My personal recommendation is to do what everyone else is doing and stay away!

  8. doug

    Like the now-gone “Bike Shop” in the apartment building on 12th in Capitol Hill, this shop always struck me as a not-quite-legitimate operation. I am not surprised he has been implicated in fencing stolen bikes. Hope he goes out of business soon.

    1. Gary

      I thought that one was a community bike shop that is now down on at 847 Hiawatha Street. where “Working Dog Cycles” was. It may be kids fixing the bikes they stole, but I don’t think it’s reselling stolen bikes.

      1. dogu

        I think you’re thinking of the Bikery, which is emphatically legitimate.

  9. BPA Seattle LLC. does not traffic stollen bikes. When purchasing a bike we run the serial number on four different sites, register it on leadsonline.com then hold it in the back of our shop for a 30 day grace period as per law. Every bike returned to the SPD was registered and all of the paperwork on each bike is flawless.
    BPA and the owner have taken every step possible to follow the law and help the community, as we have donated over 100 bikes. BPA also follows the rule of no judgement as there is no longer a “no buy list”, when a buyer comes in we scan their ID and have them sign a contract before we even decide to purchase a bike, so if they are willing to hand that over and the serial search comes up clean who are we to judge? Our duty is to buy restore bikes not judge our customers.
    BPA Seattle’s operations are and always have been legal, the easiest proof is that we are still open and the owner is not in jail not to mention that there are no charges against him or BPA.

    Advise from us to all of you: hear both sides and read into what SPD is saying. Think about the situation. BPA is the only bike shop in Belltown which just so happens to be a booming bike area. How much money do you think someone could make from murdering this small business and opening one of their own? BPA is more than willing to work with anyone including the SPD to build something constructive and reach a common ground as well as define the laws on buying and selling bikes so situations like this do not arise again. If you have any helpful information or questions you can come in anytime or email us at [email protected]


    A Archer
    Office Manager
    BPA Seattle LLC.

    1. deegs

      So if a homeless crack addict from the neighborhood wanders in with a high end teaching bike, you’ll gladly give him $50 so he can buy another rock and you can sell it for hundreds of dollars in profit.

      Your no judgment policy flies in the face of common sense. Seems to me you are willing to play with fire and you got burned.

      It also seems that if a thief can get a stolen bike into your store before the police are notified or put it in their system then they get away with it.

      A stolen bike is a stolen bike no matter how long you held it. Caveat emptor.

      1. DEEGs, help me understand your point, or question, or comment. So a crackhead (or meth head) comes in with a high end teaching bike, ok pause… what is a high end teaching bike? If I don’t know what the bike in question is, I would probably say I’m not interested. I wouldn’t by from a crackhead, meth head, butt head, deadhead, meathead, or gearhead if I didn’t know what the bike in question was so I would in turn say no.
        We try our hardest to have clear judgement about who we purchase from and who we hire, fire, then hire, then fire. You see this is not a game of firsties! It just doesn’t work that way and you out of all people should know given your long history and present situation of bikes that don’t belong to you. The Caveat emptor is the space between your ears.

      2. deegs

        WOW, you really are a dick.

        Teaching bike was an unfortunate auto correct typo for racing bike, but I think you answered it from whatever altered state you are in.

        And you didn’t answer my earlier question (must be some Emptor between your ears too)

        So you’re saying the police didn’t take three stolen bikes out of your store?

      3. deegs

        I just reread what you wrote. You think you know me? I’ve never been in your shop or met you, nor do I intend to.

        Curious you think I’m someone you know that has a long history of bikes that don’t belong to them. That speaks highly of your integrity and character

    2. TM

      BPA: “all of the paperwork on each bike is flawless”
      SPD: “police found suspiciously mistyped serial numbers entered in the online system

      BPA (from the story): “He checks the seller’s name against a no-buy list.”
      BPA: (from the comment: “BPA also follows the rule of no judgement as there is no longer a “no buy list”, when a buyer comes in we scan their ID and have them sign a contract before we even decide to purchase a bike, so if they are willing to hand that over and the serial search comes up clean who are we to judge?”
      SPD: “more than half of the bikes bought by the shop between February 2013 and January 2014 were bought from convicted felons, many of whom have records for burglary and theft.

      BPA: “BPA and the owner have taken every step possible to follow the law and help the community”
      SPD: “Curiously, that online sale-tracking system showed that Pull-Apart’s owner had pawned the stolen bike to his own store.

      BPA: “How much money do you think someone could make from murdering this small business and opening one of their own?”
      BPA: “This is the reality of our world, SPD can wash out the truth, omit the details that define peoples perception of right and wrong.”
      BPA :”“They [SPD] want to pin it on somebody who opens his doors every day and stands there and says, ‘Here I am,’ said Patchen.”
      SPD: “On April 9th, detectives made another visit to Pull-Apart, where they served a warrant and recovered three bikes, collectively valued at more than $9,000. All three bikes were reported stolen in three separate incidents in August and September 2013 and March 2014.

      1. Greg

        Wow! Those are some pretty damming details.

        In particular, if over half of your suppliers are crooks, it’s hard to argue that you’re at all concerned about where bikes are coming from.

        Sure looks like this guy is a big enabler of bike theft in Seattle. If correct, then definitely would be helpfull to all Seattle bike folks to have him shut down permanently.

      2. Each bike that was seized by SPD was completely and correctly recorded. As for mistyped serial numbers, please walk around and take a look at USED bikes serial numbers and tell me how easy it is to correctly read them. We use flashlights, paper and pencil, and end up typing in all of the possible combinations if they are not readable.

        SPD Recently sent out a newsletter stating that the no buy list was no longer accurate and did not have to be used. This business has been around for about four years now. I’m sure you can do the math. As for buying from convicted felons, if they weren’t on the no buy list we had a right to buy, and checking every sellers rap sheets is not legally required nor would we ask that of someone. So unless they have “I stole this bike” tattooed on their forehead, how are we to know?

        One stollen bike had been registered in his name at 4am to himself back in 2013 which the owner has clearly stated he did not do and it doesn’t make sense that he would register a stollen bike on a website used by spd… at 4am. That whole thing is fishy.

        I’m not sure what your last bit is. How did they know we had those bikes? Because they were registered by us on leadsonline.com at the time of the buy. My question is, why did it take them till now to realize that they were here? Why did no one (SPD and Leadsonline.com) notify us as soon as the bike was registered as stollen? Even though we registered everything (once its registered it stays in the system forever) NO ONE and NOTHING notified us that it was stollen until they went through and checked all of the serial numbers.

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I can promise you, I go to sleep every night with a clear conscious. If you or anyone else has any further questions feel free to contact me or stop by anytime! Thank you and have a lovely day.

    3. Gary

      [A. Archer] BPA is the only bike shop in Belltown:

      Ah not exactly, Velo Bikes is over on 6th and Blanchard. Which may be a block or two outside of Belltown, but is clearly within bicycle distance.


      1. Correct! It’s the same building as VIA6! But it is not USED bikes, which I should have differentiated. Our shop sells affordable bikes starting around $15o, Velo starts around $350-$400.

    4. Tracy

      Are there similar alegations agains Recycled Cycles or other business selling used bikes in Seattle? This seems to be an issue with your shop only.

  10. Loreen


    Your lawyer may have failed to mention this, but when charged with a crime it’s best to exercise your right to remain silent. Failure to do so will come back to haunt you.

    This includes sending incriminating emails to the detectives working on this case.

    1. Neither Eric nor BPASeattle LLC. are being charged with any crimes at this time.

      Thankfully for us we have not committed any crimes so there is nothing to be incriminating… I’m also sure that all e-mails between BPA and SPD state the following:

      This email transmission and accompanying document(s) may contain confidential information. This email transmission and all accompanying attachments are intended solely for the above named recipients. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, dissemination, copying, distribution or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please let me know and delete it immediately.”

      So, Miss Laureen, I’m not sure where you’re getting information from but as per that statement, I advise you keep it to yourself.


      1. Mike

        Mr. Archer how long have you been with BPA? That’s right probably 2 months tops. I would be very cautious of who and what you defend so ignorantly. I would proceed with caution of your new employer and with what he asks of you and wants you to do. Without a doubt he will throw you under the bus trying to shift attention and blame to anyone except for himself who is accountable.
        Surly you don’t believe BPA has never employed any honest people with no skills and that is why Eric was attempting to hold that shit show together all by himself? You are misinformed and delusional if you think otherwise.
        I trust you are already getting a good taste of it already, probably since your second day on. Getting an ear full too…

    2. deegs

      Let him sink himself, he can’t help it, he can’t shut up. His incarceration and the closing of his chop shop is no loss to the biking community.

  11. BPAguilty

    As a former customer I am disgusted by BPA and how Eric always wants to be the victim. You are no victim.
    Which employee burned you Eric? The one with a restraining order against you? The one that quit after he couldn’t stand how you treated people and stopped you from man handling your girlfriend in the shop. How about the one that quit after he discovered how deep your shadiness went (Bike theft, identity theft, credit card fraud, obstruction, assault and battery and last but not least tax evasion) but you went on to rob them all of wages, tools and other personal property.
    Some pillar of the community you are not.

    1. John Doe

      That sure sounds like the Eric Patchen we know and love (insert sarcasm)!

  12. FWIW, this sort of story is why I’m a subscriber of this blog (also as it’s probably fair compensation for hosting all my crazy rants). There are posts here and reports elsewhere echoing the police reports; here’s one place where the guy can get a long interview. We’re all, as this thread amply demonstrates, capable of coming to our own conclusions.

  13. Loreen

    Archer is correct.

    The police have not charged Eric with a crime at this time. Just arrested him for dealing in stolen bikes. Here’s the rub, they had probable cause and a judge agreed. There’s also a lot more evidence that has yet to see the light of day.

    So either the cops, a judge and a growing number of bike theft victims are are all lying or Eric is.

    Prediction: The cops will get informants and former employees to flip and testify against Eric.

    Eric/Archer/BPA are spinning because they know the case against them is solid and they have no real defense.

  14. ShutDownBPA

    Eric Patchen is the most charismatic meth head i have ever met. He is so smooth talking, yet one of the most deceptive and dishonest folks i have worked with. Super volatile, goes from sweet talking to punching girls in a split second.

    1. Carsonite

      Open Door, Open House, Open Mind Policy!

      If any individual that had a poor experience or service in the past and/or has replied to this thread in a negative way. Come on in and BPA will give you our Super Primo tune for FREE! Thats a value of $130.00 dollars for FREE! Its safe and guaranteed, We’re being watched by the one’s you trust the SPD*, so you have nothing to fear.
      Just show us your post for verification and the offer is yours!
      Come on in to: 2312 3rd Ave. Suite 101

      BPASeattle: Open

  15. Eric Patchen

    Usually I post my lies late after hours around 12:45-1am like the fake post I did about a free tune up. What better time for me to buy bikes when nobody else is around and if you don’t have ID don’t worry I’ll pull one I’ve used before or someone’s that has rented a bike from me.

    1. Winning isn’t in your DNA

  16. Ok I realize all the wrong I’ve done, I’m a piece of shit. BPA is officially closing for I am guilty. I’m done with the lies and it’s nobody elses fault but my own.

  17. To turn and burn, “You mad bro?”… “Or you deflecting?” So mad, so blind, so transparent.

    Inside Scoop says:
    January 27, 2013 at 3:38 pm
    If you only knew what Eric has been through to remain and how much he gives back to the community.
    He created the business because the demand was there and he was out of work and soon to be homeless. He learned how to create and open a business quite some time after he was doing it. The level of stress only multiplied with learning lessons on city ordinances, crooked lanlords, thieves and neighborhood watch.
    Owner/operator 24/7 not 9 to 5 Mon-Fri, I’m talking 365. I’ve seen Eric so over worked and out of it he has been off on what day of the week and the month it actually was by two months.
    So not every day is a good day, not every customer is a good customer either. I’m not saying BPA hasn’t made mistakes but if they do they will most likely make up for it and then some. Still not everyone will be pleased, not all can be pleased. Then there are some that are in there working their angles and some are just idiots.
    Now to address the chop shop rumor and them dealing stolen bikes. First of all BPA has a pawn brokers license which enables them to buy, sell and trade. Businesses typically have an obligation to make transaction information available for law enforcement investigations. BPA reports the bikes they take in to Leads Online. LeadsOnline is the nation’s largest online investigation system used by detectives for the investigation of crimes in order to catch crooks. They take in transaction information from thousands of businesses that may lead to the right suspect. By law anything purchased has to be placed on a 30 day hold to clear before being sold. If something comes up later that comes up as stolen then BPA’s database is a good reference to locate it.
    Now the real deal is yes people try to sell questionable bikes all the time, some are obviously not bike people. Over a year and a half period I know for a fact that Eric has returned 18 bikes to their rightful owners. Some he bought with the suspicion they were stolen and because he knew the owners would be looking for it and if the person selling it is dumb enough to let Eric scan their photo ID to go to LeadsOnline, that’s great. Eric try’s to maintain a a second chance policy if a bike is recovered all he asks is to be paid what he paid for it but often he doesn’t.
    I know an instance a bike had been sold to a customer that loved the bike but had to give it back and Eric replaced the bike no charge. Literally thousands of dollars Eric loses out of pocket to help reunite people with their bikes. He even noticed a bike of a known customer being brought in by a thief, ripped the bike out of the guys hands and called the cops.
    So I don’t know how many bikes SPD actually returns to people. I do know if you don’t have a police report and your serial # it’s practically hopeless. But there is BPA that will let you look at everything they have, will keep an eye for your bike to come in and might even buy it back for you. If SPD has your bike & nobody claims it, it goes to auction and benefits SPD.
    So yes it may be known to have had a stolen bike. Yes the police have been called before. Most police officers appreciate BPA for making their jobs easier. That’s not just for bikes either. The neighborhood is safer with BPA keeping drug dealers and crackheads clear of neighboring residence, business’s and parking structures. He’ll even run down thieves half a block away, tackle them and detain them until police arrive. I shit you not.
    I’m not trying to say that anyone did not have a bad experience before or that you won’t. I know Eric gives a lot of 2nd, 3rd, 4th an 5th chances to people that he shouldn’t but he might surprise you if given the chance.

    *which write up describes Eric ?- Deegs, Shutdown BPA, BPAGuilty,TM, Mike, Carson – I ask you from what place did these responses come from?

  18. King of Gruff

    anyone have any dealings with the place across from Josephenum on 2nd ave a few years ago? I always thought that place was highly suspichious . damn my spelling is going all to hell.

    1. deegs

      Same place, same shady owner

  19. Bruce L.

    I bought a used bike at Bikes Plus Art and was very pleased to find a good bike
    at a price I could afford. Eric and his mechanics are very competent,friendly
    and helpful. The few times I have come in for service I have recieved prompt and
    efficient help and repairs are usually done within an hour or so with Eric or
    one of the mechanics explaining their findings and offering reccomendations step
    by step.
    Eric is a very honest person and will tell me know if I’m getting the best deal
    for my money or will trade back an item that doesn’t work for me when I have
    returned for accessories and service.On several occasions when my purchase was
    just a few dollars Eric has told me I could pay him later because he didn’t feel
    right charging my card for such a small amount. I’ve never experienced that
    level of generosity from any merchant anywhere ever. Eric advocates for bicycle
    safety and more bike lanes with the city council and state.The shop also has a
    small area where used biking clothing and art are sold which together with the
    big dog lying on the floor give the place a friendly neighborhood sort of feeling.
    This is the only bike shop left in the area of downtown Seattle,Belltown,Capitol
    Hill, that ordinary working people and people on fixed incomes can afford to do
    business with.In a downtown corridor obscenely overcrowded with millionaire
    boutiques,jewelry stores,tanning salons,etc.,plus few bike shops where the bikes
    start at $5,000,it is refreshing to see a business with some practical
    application for the vast majority of people who actually live in the area.
    The downtown business community and their army of thugs (SPD) may not feel
    comfortable with a business of this sort in their midst and a lot of
    inflammatory misinformation has been generated.Pressured to do something about a
    recent plague of bicycle thefts SPD have demonstrated themselves again as lazy
    cowards by only going after soft targets instead of real criminals.

    1. Sick of the bs

      Hey eric aka bruce l. You are not fooling anyone with your fake positive reviews of your shop.

  20. anthony

    Oh man, sooo curious as to how this will play out.

  21. […] denied the allegations in an interview with Seattle Bike Blog, but the King County Prosecutor feels there is enough evidence to charge him with four criminal […]

  22. Joseph K

    my experience with this “place” is as follows
    i had a very custom bike made from the frame up. It got stolen.
    friends in the bike community said they saw it (whole) at bell town pull apart. They told him it was stolen
    upon entering the shop i found Eric and his employees in the at of selling ff some of the parts.
    throughout this i gave him the benefit of the doubt, knowing crime happens, and just like a pawn shop they may never know…………..
    they got very defensive when i showed proof the bike was mine. so much so i that they flexed and stood in a ready to fight get out of my shop stance.
    i asked who sold it to them. they outright lied with two different stories. after asking to see proof of hm buying it he presented a piece of paper. no writing no receipt no price but a copy of a 17 ear old girl fro the east coasts id. really im supposed to believe that
    i asked were the parts that weren’t there had gone. they sad that’s all that came in. (This even though two people had seen it complete in the shop) the frame, a rare piece of steel was gone so after lying with two different stories about who brought it in he continued to be illusive about what he paid for it. That story also changed
    then after he specifically said what parts (once again not the whole bike came in yet i have two witnesses that saw it and talked to him about it) i wondered the shop only to find parts of mine in the resale pull apart sections,( also he says the person came in with parts in a bag, how do you fit a tire and rim in a bag?) ” oh that ” was the response. i think if i had someone in my shop who was there for the stolen bike and i knew the person they bought it from and recalled everything about the situation i would certainly go and grab other parts around the shop that there for sale.
    he did not, and i saw his face as i went around picking up parts, he knew and reacted just as i piked up MY STOLEN PARTS that he had for sale
    the police, after contacting and speaking with them, know this shop sells stolen bikes its just not a high priority. so much so the officers new him by name.
    so to recap
    -i gave the benefit of the doubt about buying stolen merch until i was lied to several times and stories changed
    – eric and his employees got argumentative and puffed up ready for a fight, actually encouraging one or encouraging me to turn tail and run
    – he lied about who bought it, twice
    -he lied that my bike sat in his shop complete, i have two people that saw it.
    -he knowingly sold and parted my bike even after being told it was stolen and the owner was going to come in.
    -he lied about the parts he did have until i walked around and found them. it was not a oh is that yours i forgot but a nod and a yes that is yours.
    -he did not compensate me for what he paid ( or the two prices he said he paid for the bike) and knowingly kept parts that he made money off after.
    -he owes me, money , parts a frame and handlebars. the parts he said didn’t exist, the parts he sold to someone that came into the shop.
    -the two prices he said he paid for my bike had been so low it could only be considered stolen or hot property prices

    this place is a chop shop, the owner isnt a guy that doesnt know items are stolen. he knows he buys at stolen prices and strips down parts. there is no unknowing businessman. he also uses aggressive language and brute force to try and intimidate. ( go see why he got banned from yelp custy reviews)
    i have n respect for him his business or employees or the poor people that shop there knowingly or unknowingly

    if this is at all in doubt, i have police reports

    1. Sloppy, back check, spell check, check yourself, and check it out! :o

      This story is as inconsistant as the spelling and grammer. You have a police report? Bottom line, your a liar just like most everyone of these out of pocket and straight stupid stories, I aint got to make up junk to be apart of the trash heap. I show it in spades, despite police raids and flamboyant remarks about my character which are border line creepy and stalker like. Despite the minuscule modern day lynch men and kamikaze dive poofer’s that come into the shop head strong and leave with a new perspective or with there tail between there legs. Not everyone can be heros, or, me too story tellers, and not everyone should be bloggers as shown above. Despite all this vomit, slander, and fast twitch hate mongering, Im open, Im innocent, I’m busy, Im living my life the way I want to and doing what I’m supposed to. Helping thousands of people, not just cyclists but people, and doing it through BPA bike shop. Where are you doing your best work? I hope to god it aint writing negative and ugly emails and reviews.
      Im open for a reason! Whatever that reason is for you, that reason works for me too.
      Thank you

      1. joseph k

        A few words in response,

        yes my spelling is horrid, yes my thought process and writing is hard to follow , mostly due to emotions.
        You mention people who leave you shop with their til between legs, i left with you admitting you bought my bike under less than reputable circumstances. i left with what few parts i could see in the open that were mine i left with a coupe of bucks maybe 10% OF what my bike was worth and im willing to bet that still left you with money in your pocket not to mention the arts you still had of mine
        yes the olice dont have you in jail. mostly i would imagine due to you breaking down parts and getting rid of anything with a serial number. this as well as buying bikes from street urchins leaves you safe from a bust.BUT they do know who you are and that you knowingly buy and sell stolen bicycles. the fact is lot of people could do what you and you shop do. but morally they know it is wrong
        the comments i made about your character, well that is what i experienced when spoke to you , a liar, a guy looking for a fight because a physical fight would distract from the reality of your show being a chop shop and lessen it into a street brawl.
        I m glad that you are supporting thousands of people thru selling stolen parts from fellow seattle cyclists. it actually lessens the blow of having personal property stolen an resold knowing that someone may get some good out of it. the only way can feel better and get “back” is by always telling my story of how you knowing ly bought and sold my stolen bike and didnt even give me all my arts back i tel that story when im around bike community an you know what,,,,, never not once has someone said i know the shop or i know him and i cant believe it. you know what they do , they nod. you see they know we all know
        sir you are anything but innocent.like i said i walked into your shop after being told yo had my stolen bike. i walked in giving you more than the benefit of the doubt that you had knowingly bought hot merchandise. YET Everything you did and said and lied about did nothing more than prove that you are a liar, not only benefiting from people having items stolen but i’m sure also negatively effecting the people who are bringing you stolen items by allowing them to keep living the way they are.

        or as you say, i and all the others who have found there bike parts at your store and have dealt with your personality are wrong and persecuting you.

  23. quit while your behind

    PLEASE, I never lied to you sir and there was other people in the room that can verify and if need be testify to the occasion. You talk of me being a bully?? Sir if Im correct you run about 260lbs and if i remember stand about 6 foot 2″ in height. Im merely 5’9 on a good day and 180lbs at best. You came in throwing accusations, acting as if you were trying to get to the bottom of some heinous crime. You were being sarcastic, condescending, and glib in your attempts to conjure up what you and everyone had already known. That your bicycle club guys came into the shop earlier that day and witnessed a girl and a guy attempting to mount a bicycle engine to there bike. One of your clubbers who was a good friend of mine approached me and asked me about the two working on there bike. I explained that they bought the engine from me of which I bought from a individual in good faith. Just like all the transactions I make are. He told me that he thought the engine was yours because he helped you build your bike with that engine. I responded that if it was true then you yourself needed to come down to the shop so we can straighten things out amicably. As we are talking your other clubber decides to race down to you and make a stink. He dropped unwarranted ideas and I would say thoughts but we both know that your club member is border line, if not dealing with a mental disorder.
    When you arrived you came waltzing in like so many fool hearty men do and pin ball themselves throughout the shop taking mental inventory in hopes of connecting a dot. Wanting to blame and be victorious in there self retribution and inability to take ownership of their misfortune. There was nothing to uncover dude, I was there, your club boy was there, the girl that purchased the engine from me, a mechanic and you were there. I explained as you pulled me aside and ranted something below the belt to me. What I said is that I was sorry for your loss but you didnt have any proof of any sort. There were serial numbers in clear view on the engine. Do you have a guess on how many engines that company sells and ships out a year? 30,000 a year, each engine looking exactly the same as the next and last but all with a identifiable and a original sequence of serial numbers. That you simply didn’t have, therefor just because you say its yours doesn’t make it so not even a little bit. In final I explained that you had to talk with the girl that now she owned it and if you really wanted it back, then you had to negotiate with her, and she was right there in the room. All this and it wasn’t enough for your fat ego and bleeding heart and proceeded to be a ass and thats when not only myself, but the girl, and my mechanic asked you to leave. As it were, your faithful clubbers left earlier as they could see your intentions. Your intention was to get something, anything to ease the pain that you screwed up and dont have nothing but a silly lousy story of maybe’s.
    You came and saw a opertunity and took it, you didnt walk out empty handed. You walked with money in hand of which I gave you in the beginning to show good faith. That I wasnt a thief or a chop shop that Im a used bike shop in business to make money. And its impossible to do so when you have people like yourself and the Seattle Police Deptartment jumping to conclusions and believing angry unreasonable and highly irresponsible people that make it up as they go along or as they see fit. Proof is proof, meaning you’ve got to prove it, and if you cant then take your lesson and be on your way.
    That and this is the issue in a nut shell, its nuts that take advantage, deflect blame, point a finger, cry foul, but cant prove any part of there story. They just wont quit and wont be quiet till someone hangs for the mistakes you did, in this case not locking it up, not recording the serial number on the engine, and not making a police report. and continuing to not be cool. Then is now and the problem manifests itself and the Police decide in the best interest of saving face that they and you arent going to change the law I abide by. But they are going to rewrite the law of used goods in there own heads and how its applicable to their needs and yours. I can only say without a shadow of a doubt; it doesn’t work that way! Laws are put into place for reasons and if you, and I as well as the SPD dont like them, we work on changing them. You dont slander, defame, judge, and convict on zero proof and wishful thinking, and you dont win by mislabeling and killing someones business present and future on hyperbole. You got yours that day even from the perspective of everyone in that room that you didn’t deserve it. So man up, give it up, move on and do something positive for a change.

  24. Patchen’s comment above: “Im open, Im innocent, I’m busy, Im living my life the way I want to and doing what I’m supposed to.”

    Patchen in Seattle Met magazine (nice article): “I’m really at death’s door here. The money’s gone, you know, with the lawyers, and the customer base is” gone too. “I’m moving out of my place in a few days, and essentially I don’t have anywhere to go,” he says. “So if I’m some mastermind, I’m really a shitty mastermind.”

    Which one is the lie this time Eric?

  25. Jill

    BPA is great… Eric is great. My bike had the back wheel stolen off it downtown… Mid day In daylight, right in front of my office. Eric replaced it at a fair cost. My bike then was stolen downtown… I have checked all the shops, but nothing. To me Eric is a guy who understands the love and need of bike riding, and wants to make that affordable for everyone.

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