‘Road diet’ for Admiral includes more buffered bike lanes

SDOT has released details about the proposed reconfiguration of SW Admiral Way between SW Olga St. and the West Seattle bridge.

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The reconfiguration comes after a short fight over similar changes to Nickerson. The local industrial forces opposing the changes gained the support of local Democrats and, temporarily, Councilmember Tom Rasmussen before it became painfully obvious that there was no evidence the changes would harm anyone’s industry. Meanwhile, there was lots of evidence, some only blocks away at Stone Way, showing that safety would improve drastically. The only thing that will likely decline after the changes is speeding.

As you can see from the diagram, they are proposing another buffered bike lane with parking mediation. Unlike with Nickerson, the Admiral changes will only remove one travel lane in the downhill direction (for a stretch where there is very little need to make left turns) and only for about half of the reconfiguration, which is only about 0.7 miles. For the segment between City View and the bridge, downhill traffic will get one traffic lane and one “turning” lane with sharrows. It looks like uphill traffic with get a buffered lane all the way to Olga.

SDOT is clear on their site that these plans are just a starting point, and there will be opportunities for public input and changes. You also have a chance to check out the plans at an open house at West Seattle Library Tuesday, July 13 from 5-7 p.m.

Does anyone out there ride this regularly? Any thoughts on the plans so far from your perspective? Judging from the knee-jerk comments on West Seattle Blog, drivers are angered by the “low” speed limit of 30 mph on the street and think the changes are ridiculous…

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