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We need a safer Rainier Ave now. Meetings Thursday and Tuesday

Rainier Ave is Seattle’s most dangerous neighborhood street. There’s a collision every day. Somebody is injured in a traffic collision every two days. And it has been this way for a long time. The injury rate is so high in … Continue reading

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KOMO: South Seattle bike train fights obesity, creates community

This KOMO report on school bike train research in Hillman City is pretty much awesome. I cannot wait to see the results of this Seattle Children’s study by Dr. Jason Mendoza and Maya Jacobs. We wrote about the study when … Continue reading

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With concerns about low foot traffic, new Rainier Valley coffee roaster will launch with bike delivery

Joya and Jeff have accomplished something remarkable: They discovered a street corner in Seattle that doesn’t have a coffee shop. But don’t worry, they are hoping to remedy that soon. Tin Umbrella Coffee Roastery is planning to open soon on … Continue reading

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