With concerns about low foot traffic, new Rainier Valley coffee roaster will launch with bike delivery

TI_25percentJoya and Jeff have accomplished something remarkable: They discovered a street corner in Seattle that doesn’t have a coffee shop. But don’t worry, they are hoping to remedy that soon.

Tin Umbrella Coffee Roastery is planning to open soon on Rainier Ave just south of Columbia City. But fearing low foot traffic, the roastery is hoping to get their coffee out in the world by focusing on deliveries by bike.

From Tin Umbrella’s Kickstarter campaign (ends August 3):

Currently, there are no good cafes, within walking distance, for Hillman City residents. That’s right, a Seattle street corner without coffee. We’re going to change that!

And we’ll offer something a little different from other cafés. In addition to serving up exotic single-origin espressos, our artisan coffee blends and incredible coffee-lore that connects the coffee-loving community here to Ethiopia (the birthplace of coffee) in a single cup: we’re going to deliver it! By bike.

That’s right–we’re creating a bike courier service to deliver amazing coffee, to your door. From Hillman City and beyond. (And in a re-usable tin, that saves a bag, and the environment!)

So you’ll never run out of coffee again, all while supporting a cool, local small-business that roasts outstanding “new wave” coffee.


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3 Responses to With concerns about low foot traffic, new Rainier Valley coffee roaster will launch with bike delivery

  1. Tonya says:

    Awesome! That’s my ‘hood (though I currently go to Columbia City for just about all things), and I’m glad to see something new open that is relevant to my interests. Best of luck to them and I’ll stop by when they open!

  2. Dylan says:

    The more bike delivery services the better! I also wanted to give a shout out to Conduit Coffee up on Westlake. He makes great coffee as well and delivers by bike to the more northern neighborhoods, so we’re getting toward full bicycle coffee coverage.

  3. Bicycle delivery is such a neat concept. Good luck to them, I hope it works!

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