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Gone Bikin’: A short tour of UW’s remade stretch of the Burke-Gilman Trail

Seattle Bike Blog Editor Tom Fucoloro has Gone Bikin’ until Labor Day. In the meantime, we will be periodically posting short news bits and excerpts from good reads floating around the web. As we reported last week, the UW has … Continue reading

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Big deal for UW Station access, remade Burke-Gilman opens today

If you biked the UW Burke-Gilman Trail detour today, that was likely the last time you will have to do it. The key stretch of trail from 15th Ave NE to UW Station is set to open today (exact time … Continue reading

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Habitat work will disrupt Sammamish River Trail starting August 10

The City of Bothell is working to restore habitat along the Sammamish River just beyond the Burke-Gilman Trail, and that means temporary closures of the Sammamish River Trail. Starting August 10, plan for delays when biking through the area. Flaggers … Continue reading

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Pack these Ballard Missing Link meetings + Business owner’s video explains the options

OMG JUST BUILD THE MISSING LINK ALREADY!!!1!1!! OK, had to get that out of my system. As frustrating and drawn out as the seemingly endless Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link debate has been in recent decades (yes, decades!), we have never … Continue reading

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State will close busy Fremont section of Burke-Gilman Trail Monday – UPDATED

UPDATE 7/8: WSDOT announced Friday that this closure is being put on hold so the team can rethink how the trail detour will work. From WSDOT: The planned closure of the Burke-Gilman Trail through Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood on Monday, July … Continue reading

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Missing Link megastudy confirms: Build the trail already!

829 pages have been added to the already-towering mountain of documents studying the 1.2-mile Ballard Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail. An estimated 22 people have gone to the hospital due to crashes on this dangerous stretch just since work … Continue reading

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With U Link, combining bikes and transit just got even more powerful

University of Washington Station opened Saturday and immediately assumed its role as the bikiest light rail station in the region. The bike parking was overflowing during Saturday’s opening celebration. Even the additional free valet bike parking space provided for the … Continue reading

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Big North Seattle stretch of Burke-Gilman Trail getting pavement fixes this month

The Move Seattle transportation levy kicks in January 1, but the expiring nine-year-old Bridging the Gap levy still has a little life left. And part of that remaining funding is being put to very good use: Fixing pavement on the … Continue reading

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Be prepared for Burke-Gilman Trail detour in Lake Forest Park starting Monday

King County Parks will remove 40 poplar trees along the Burke-Gilman Trail in Lake Forest Park starting next week. This work will require trail detours for two weeks, so be prepared. Luckily, the detours don’t look bad, using nearby low-traffic … Continue reading

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The UW Burke-Gilman Detour Strikes Back! Section will close Monday until summer 2016

It’s back. I know you just started enjoying a fully open Burke-Gilman Trail, but it goes back under the knife Monday. The good news is that the UW is breaking ground on significant safety and capacity upgrades for one of … Continue reading

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King County working on Burke-Gilman north of Seattle, expect delays – UPDATED

King County is “ditching” along the Burke-Gilman Trail just north of the Seattle border, so leave time for delays of up to 15 minutes for the next week and a half. This information comes from an alert we just received … Continue reading

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State will fund UW Burke-Gilman remake, Northgate bike/walk bridge, Eastside bike share + a lot more

Today, the WA House passed the appropriations part of the 16-year transportation package, earmarking money for lots and lots of highways and highway debt. We here at Seattle Bike Blog are certainly distressed by all the new and expanded highways, … Continue reading

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The magnificent new UW Burke-Gilman Trail opens

After a year and a half of ever-changing detours, one of the busiest sections of trail anywhere in the State of Washington (and maybe the entire country) reopened Wednesday afternoon. The completely redesigned “Rainier Vista” area has a much grander, … Continue reading

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18 Missing Link victims will go to the hospital by the time the trail study is complete

Hours before a public meeting Thursday to discuss the missing 1.4 miles of the Burke-Gilman Trail in Ballard, an ambulance pulled away from NW 45th Street under the Ballard Bridge to take another injured person to the hospital. By the … Continue reading

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Three important bike meetings tonight: Missing Link, E Marginal Way + Eastside Trail

I sure hope you want to go to an important bike meeting tonight, because there are three of them at the same time. And they’re all about completely game-changing projects. So if you have the time, go to one of … Continue reading

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City will repair bumpy sections of the Burke-Gilman Trail this week

Seattle’s section of the Burke-Gilman Trail is incredibly busy, but it also has some old sections that are plagued with bumps from tree roots or damage from small landslides. Some small bumps aren’t a big deal, but sometimes they turn … Continue reading

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Finally, movement on court-required Missing Link study + 98.6% voice support for trail

After somehow spending a year and a half to “finish analyzing the feedback from the EIS scoping process held in late 2013,” the city is holding an open house to present the plan to develop a study of options to … Continue reading

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King County will clear overgrowth from Burke-Gilman/Sammamish River Trails, be prepared for delays

A 12-foot trail is only a 12-foot trail so long as the whole thing is clear. One great part of our major regional trail network is how close you get to the woods and greenery as you bike between major … Continue reading

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Burke-Gilman Trail crossings get big upgrades near U Village

The city completed work on some significant upgrades to two busy Burke-Gilman Trail intersections near University Village in recent months. As shown above, wider curb cuts and new separate bike/walk and right turn phases have dramatically improves comfort and safety … Continue reading

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WA Transpo Bill Update: ‘Modest’ walk/bike safety boost, UW trail makeover, Eastside bike share + lots of highways

The WA legislature is getting closer to a possible deal on transportation funding, paid for in large part through a raise in the gas tax and raises in various weight fees. As with state spending for the past generation, the … Continue reading

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