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Seattle’s bike share stands out as companies shift to scooters elsewhere

Just 21 months ago, Seattle turned American bike share on its head by permitting companies to launch free-floating bikes all over town, an effort that dramatically increased the number of bike trips all over town, turned heads in city halls … Continue reading

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E Union Street is a chance for SDOT and the mayor to prove they care about connecting bike routes

Seattle is once again set to choose the convenience of car driving over the safety of people walking and biking and our city’s Vision Zero, Climate Action Plan and Bicycle Master Plan goals. This time, it’s on E Union Street … Continue reading

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Times: Seattle’s most decorated pro cyclist is living without a home

Rebecca Twigg has won six world track cycling championships, 16 U.S championships and two Olympic medals, likely making her Seattle’s most decorated bike racer. Today, she is one of the more than 12,000 people experiencing homelessness in the Seattle area. … Continue reading

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Some Bike Blog business: Planning an endorsement board + A family life update

Hello, wonderful Seattle Bike Blog readers. I’ve got some cool bits of blog and family news to share, so I figured I would write you all a letter keeping you in the loop. First, my incredible spouse Kelli started work … Continue reading

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City announces bike plan update open houses, Barnett uncovers 11 missing projects

SDOT has announced a series of four “café-style conversations” about the latest short-term bike plan, which includes significant cuts through the life of the Move Seattle Levy. The events, produced with help from the Department of Neighborhoods, will be a … Continue reading

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Community organizes to celebrate NE 65th St bike lanes, shows what’s possible when city builds the bike plan

Unlike the $4.4 million advertising budget and public fanfare celebrating the new SR 99 car tunnel, no official celebration or encouragement campaign was planned for a major new set of protected bike lanes on NE 65th Street. So excited community … Continue reading

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Sunday: Community celebration for opening of NE 65th St bike lanes

Details from the event listing: Unlike the new downtown tunnel for cars, we don’t have an expensive ad campaign to encourage people to use the new bike lanes on NE 65th St, so let’s create our own! Bike #Fix65th Sunday, … Continue reading

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Rashomon in Wedgwood: SDOT Director and Deputy Mayor grilled during Bike Board meeting

SDOT Director Sam Zimbabwe and Deputy Mayor Shefali Ranganathan sat down for a long talk with the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board Wednesday to have a difficult and at times uncomfortable conversation about Mayor Jenny Durkan’s commitment to building the city’s … Continue reading

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Notes from the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board: April, 2019

The Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board meets 6 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month at City Hall. Anyone can sit in on meetings and provide public comment at the beginning and (thanks to a recent change) end. The volunteer board … Continue reading

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Must Watch: Seattle’s bike movement finds its footing again, fights mayor’s bike plan cuts

Seattle’s bicycle movement emerged from chrysalis Tuesday transformed into its newest state, and it put on a powerful display inside City Hall. I highly recommend watching the testimony and the very interesting Committee conversation, during which Councilmembers Mike O’Brien, Rob … Continue reading

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SDOT and Mayor Durkan release more transparent, less visionary bike plan

26 miles of bike facilities are gone completely, and another 27 are at risk. That’s the harsh reality of the latest iteration of the Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Plan (the “Bike Plan Plan”). The result is what could be a … Continue reading

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How did Mayor Durkan get the 35th Ave NE decision so wrong? + Councilmembers respond

Mayor Jenny Durkan’s decision this week to scrap planned, designed and contracted bike lanes on 35th Ave NE has drawn a major backlash as people are dismayed to hear that Seattle’s mayor is abandoning the Bicycle Master Plan in order … Continue reading

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Mayor Durkan chooses 35th Ave NE car convenience over street safety and the fight against climate change

Mayor Jenny Durkan has officially abandoned the Bicycle Master Plan, which was approved unanimously by the City Council and funded through a vote of the people. The Mayor has until recently only delayed Bike Master Plan projects, like essentially all … Continue reading

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City Light decides against car charger in path of Broadway Bikeway

After public pushback, including by many of you, Seattle City Light has dropped their plans for an electric car charging station on Broadway near Denny Way that would have been located in the path of a planned-but-delayed extension of the … Continue reading

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Bike News Roundup: National bikelash highlights

It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! I’m in St. Louis visiting family this week, so that’s why news here is a bit slow. But here’s a long list of interesting stuff to read. And if I missed anything, this … Continue reading

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Will Mayor Durkan meet the City Council’s downtown bike lane 2019 deadline? – UPDATED

SDOT will update the City Council Transportation and Sustainability Committee today on the progress (or lackthereof) on the downtown Basic Bike Network. The City Council passed a resolution last summer calling on SDOT and Mayor Jenny Durkan to complete key … Continue reading

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Update on transportation bills in Olympia: What’s dead and what’s still got a chance

Non-budgetary bills in the Washington legislature had until yesterday to pass in at least one chamber in order to remain on track for passage into law. We wrote about a few transportation-related efforts Tuesday, so how did they do? Well, … Continue reading

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Mountains to Sound Greenway is now a National Heritage Area

Our local pride and joy is now officially a national treasure! After 8 years of tireless advocacy by @SenatorCantwell, Congressman Reichert, and the rest of our WA delegation, the Mountains to Sound Greenway has become our nation’s newest National Heritage … Continue reading

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A look at some transportation bills still working through the WA legislature

So Washington Democrats have both legislative chambers and the Governor’s Office for the first time in a while, so what does that mean for transportation? Well, some great things are moving forward, but so are some pretty not-so-great things. As … Continue reading

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Bill moves forward to strengthen ‘Vulnerable User Law,’ revise road sharing rules

$42. That’s the “unsafe lane change” ticket a teenager received for striking and killing John Przychodzen while he biked in the shoulder of Kirkland’s Juanita Drive in 2011. Authorities claimed that because they couldn’t prove he was driving recklessly, the … Continue reading

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