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Bike Route Alert 1/27: Awful 2-week sidewalk detour on Montlake Blvd near SR 520 starts Monday

So you finally got used to biking around the SR 520 construction in Montlake, eh? I have bad news. It’s about to get way worse for two weeks. Starting as soon as Monday, people walking and biking on the east … Continue reading

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The Daily: UW program offers students quarterly bike rentals

Imagine if instead of buying the cheapest bike you could find on Craigslist for getting around as a college student, you could rent a quality Kona complete with helmet, lock and lights all for just $75 per quarter. Well, UW … Continue reading

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King County takes legal action to clear illegal use of East Lake Sammamish trail corridor

Last week, King County took action to reclaim public land in one of the wealthiest areas in the state: Sammamish. The County fought and won a very difficult legal battle to determine that, yes, the public does own the entire … Continue reading

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Councilmember Pedersen outlines his vision as the new Transportation Committee Chair, offers an olive branch to safe streets advocates

Alex Pedersen won District 4 by 1,386 votes, narrowly defeating Seattle Bike Blog’s endorsed candidate Shaun Scott in one of Seattle’s closest races in the 2019 City Council election. In addition to this site, Scott was also endorsed by Washington … Continue reading

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People who don’t let snow stop them from biking offer some advice

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is by Emma Scher through our partnership with UW’s Community News Lab journalism course. Heather Eliason wore spikes on her shoes to help her slow down and gain traction on the ice when she biked on snowy … Continue reading

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The streets Seattle plans to plow + City site tracks which streets have been plowed recently

Are you waiting for SDOT crews to clear your street? Well, you should probably check this map to see if they are ever coming: SDOT also has an interactive map that will be updated to let you know which streets … Continue reading

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Funding, legalizing the ‘safety stop’ on WA Bikes’ agenda in Olympia

With voter approval of I-976 hanging over the 2020 state legislative session, there’s no doubt that funding will be the top priority for Washington Bikes this year. Even if courts strike down the law, which is very possible, there is … Continue reading

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Where 2018’s bicycle collisions happened + More from the Traffic Report

Biking is getting gradually safer in Seattle with the rate of collisions involving people on bikes per bike commuter dropping to a new low point in 2018, according to the annual Seattle Department of Transportation Traffic Report. The report, released … Continue reading

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Shortcut: Only 1 person died in Oslo traffic last year, a city comparable in size to Seattle

People sometimes argue that Vision Zero is unrealistic. That getting to zero deaths and serious injuries due to traffic collisions will never happen. Tell that to Oslo. The Norwegian capital (population: 680,000) had just one person die in traffic in … Continue reading

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Watch: Guide to biking around the downtown light rail closure

Sound Transit’s downtown light rail service restriction started this week, and people with bikes must exit trains at International District/Chinatown Station northbound and University Street Station southbound. The good news is that SDOT completed the south downtown bike connection in … Continue reading

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Seattle’s 2019 bike boom in 6 charts + Where should Seattle’s next bike counters go? – UPDATED

UPDATE: I have updated some of the data in this post with official numbers from SDOT. An earlier version of this post had data from that for some reason didn’t match with SDOT’s official numbers. As of this update, … Continue reading

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Bike News Roundup: America’s pedestrian safety crisis

It’s time for the final Bike News Roundup of news from the 2010s! First up, if you didn’t catch Angie Schmitt’s recent talk about America’s pedestrian safety crisis, Rooted In Rights was there to record and stream it:

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Seattle’s bike movement reinvented itself in 2019

2019 was a red letter year for biking in Seattle. The number of trips people are taking by bike broke through some kind of barrier in the past year, and bike counters across town are clobbering previous records (we’ll have … Continue reading

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Lime will shut down Seattle bike service at the end of 2019

Lime announced today that they will be pulling their e-bikes from Seattle streets December 31. This follows a week and a half of rumors that the company was shutting down, rumors the company denied to both Seattle Bike Blog and … Continue reading

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Starting Jan 1, drivers must change lanes when passing people biking or slow down and give 3 feet + More

Some of the most significant changes to Washington State’s rules of the road in recent history will take effect January 1, when SB 5723 becomes law. Perhaps the biggest and most exciting change is that people driving will now have … Continue reading

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Shortcut: King County kids are not getting enough exercise

UW Researcher Julie McCleery says she has found that King County kids are not getting the hour of exercise per day that the CDC recommends. She also found that girls are less likely to get their exercise than boys, and … Continue reading

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Shortcut: Construction on the Northgate bike/walk bridge will begin next month

Editor’s Note: This post introduces a new type of post on Seattle Bike Blog I am calling a “shortcut.” Shortcuts could be many things, but they will all be short. They could be a quick link to a survey or … Continue reading

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You won’t be allowed to ride a shared scooter on Seattle sidewalks + Combined bikes and scooters capped at 20K

When (or if) Seattle launches its scooter share pilot in early 2020 as planned, users of the shared scooters will not be allowed to ride on the sidewalk like people biking can. That’s just one of the interesting bits of … Continue reading

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Arena’s plans for Denny Way and 2nd Ave move Seattle in the wrong direction

As part of the transportation plan for the new arena in Seattle Center, developers and the City of Seattle are currently planning to delete the north end of the 2nd Ave protected bike lane and steal crossing time from people … Continue reading

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As city adds lots of bike parking, audit finds fewer poorly-parked bike share bikes + More bike share updates

The city’s quarterly audit of bike share parking (PDF) found a massive 57% drop in the percentage of Jump and Lime bikes parked incorrectly. Of 756 bikes audited (approximately half Lime and half Jump), staff found only one (0.1%) that … Continue reading

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