2022 election endorsements from transportation and safe streets groups

Ballots should have arrived by mail or should be arriving very soon, which means it’s time to fight your procrastinating tendencies and vote now. If you haven’t received your ballot, check to make sure your voter information is updated. If you have moved, you can update your address online. If you are not yet registered, you have until Halloween to register online, though you can register in-person at a voting center up to and including election day November 8.

You can return your ballot by mail or take it to a ballot drop box.

Seattle Bike Blog did not have the capacity to do our own endorsements in this election, but we have collected the endorsements of a handful of safe streets and transportation-minded organizations. Below you can find endorsements from Washington Bikes (WB), the Transit Riders Union (TRU) and The Urbanist (URB):

YES on Seattle Measure 1B: Ranked Choice Voting (TRU, URB)

YES on King County Charter Amendment #1 (TRU, URB)

YES on King County Proposition 1: Conservation Futures (WB, URB)

YES on City of Bellevue Proposition 1 (URB)

YES on City of Lake Stevens Prop 1: Transportation Benefit District (WB)

YES on City of Tukwila Initiative 1 (TRU, URB)

Seattle Municipal Court Judge: Pooja Vaddadi (TRU)

King County Prosecutor: Leesa Manion (TRU, URB)

House District 1 Position 1: Davina Duerr (URB)

House District 1 Position 2: Shelley Kloba (WB)

House District 3: Marcus Riccelli (WB)

House District 5: Bill Ramos (WB)

House District 11: David Hackney (WB, TRU, URB)

Senate District 21: Marko Liias (WB)

House District 21 Position 1: Strom Peterson (URB)

House District 22 Position 1: Beth Doglio (WB, URB)

House District 22 Position 2: Jessica Bateman (URB)

Senate District 26: Emily Randall (WB)

House District 26 Position 2: Matt Macklin (URB)

Senate District 27: Yasmin Trudeau (WB, URB)

House District 27: Jake Fey (WB)

House District 29: Sharlett Mena (WB, URB)

State Senate District 30: Claire Wilson (WB, TRU, URB)

House District 30: Jamila Taylor (WB)

House District 30: Kristine Reeves (WB)

House District 32 Position 1: Cindy Ryu (URB)

House District 33 Position 2: Mia Gregerson (URB)

Senate District 34: Joe Nguyen (WB, TRU, URB)

House District 34 Position 1: Emily Alvarado (WB)

House District 34 Position 1: Leah Griffin (TRU, URB)

House District 34 Position 2: Joe Fitzgibbon (WB, URB)

Senate District 36: Noel Frame (TRU, URB)

House District 36 Position 1: Julia Reed (WB, TRU, URB)

House District 36 Position 2: Liz Berry (WB, URB)

Senate District 37: Rebecca Saldaña (WB TRU, URB)

House District 37 Position 2: Emijah Smith (TRU)

House District 37 Position 2: Chipalo Street (WB, URB)

House District 38: Mary Fosse (WB)

House District 40: Alex Ramel (WB)

House District 41: My-Linh Thai (WB)

Senate District 42: Sharon Shewmake (WB, TRU)

House District 43 Position 1: Nicole Macri (TRU, URB)

House District 43 Position 2: Frank Chopp (TRU)

Senate District 44: John Lovick (WB, URB)

House District 44 Position 1: Brandy Donaghy (URB)

Senate District 45: Manka Dhingra (URB)

Senate District 46: Javier Valdez (URB)

House District 46 Position 2: Darya Farivar (WB, TRU, URB)

House District 47 Position 1: Deb Entenman (WB)

House District 47 Position 2: Shukri Olow (TRU, URB)

House District 47 Position 2: Chris Stearns (WB)

Senate District 48: Patty Kuderer (TRU, URB)

House District 48 Position 1: Vandana Slatter (WB)

House District 48 Position 2: Amy Walen (URB)

House District 49: Sharon Wylie (WB)

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