Seattle can elect transformational leaders, but only if you vote

Seattle voters have the chance to elect transformational leaders, but only if voter turnout increases dramatically before 8 p.m. Tuesday. So tell all your friends.

If you have your vote-by-mail ballot, return it to a King County ballot drop box. You can also mail your ballot, but the post office must postmark it by Tuesday to be valid. If you still need to register, you can register and vote in-person at a voting center such as Lumen Field Event Center. If you have lost your ballot, you can either go to a voting center to vote or you can complete your ballot online, print it out and then return that printed version to a ballot drop box or mail it in. To check the status of your registration or print out a new ballot, use the King County Voter Information site.

The choices this election are clear. We previously compiled the regional and statewide endorsements of Seattle Bike Blog (SBB), Washington Bikes (WB), The Urbanist (U), The Seattle Transit Riders Union (TRU) and Seattle Subway (SUB). Below is the Seattle Cheat Sheet:

Seattle Mayor

M. Lorena González: SBB, WB (dual), U, TRU, SUB

Bruce Harrell: WB (dual)

Seattle City Council Position 8

Teresa Mosqueda: SBB, WB, U, TRU, SUB

Seattle City Council Position 9

Nikkita Oliver: SBB, WB, U, TRU, SUB

Seattle City Attorney

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy: SBB, U, TRU

King County Executive

Dow Constantine: WB, SUB

Joe Nguyen: SBB, U, TRU

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