Cascade: Tell Sound Transit to support bike access to Ballard-West Seattle stations

It’s the final day to comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Sound Transit’s Ballard to West Seattle light rail line. Cascade has a form letter you can quickly send to support bike access as a priority for station access.

More details from Cascade:

As leaders across the region prepare to make key decisions on the Ballard to West Seattle Link extension alignment, it’s critical they hear from caring neighbors like you that Sound Transit must:

  • Invest System Access Dollars to connect stations to the Seattle bike network 
  • Plan early for bike-route specific construction impacts 
  • Develop world class bike parking to match the world class transit system
  • Make bike parking free and abundant
  • Accept and embrace that people will continue to bring bikes on trains
  • Ensure new station areas improve the current biking conditions, and not degrade them

Baking bikes into light rail means studying the impacts now, not just an afterthought later. 

In the closing days of public comment (through April 28) on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, please take action to tell Sound Transit to bake bikes into the plan.

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