Cascade survey: How have your walking and biking needs changed during the outbreak?

survey from Cascade Bicycle Club asks people how their relationship with walking and biking has changed since the outbreak began and seeks ideas for how Cascade can help during this time.

As we reported previously, Cascade furloughed half their staff out of worries that they may need to cancel many or all of their major events this summer. Executive Director Richard Smith said they typically need to make a decision about whether to hold or cancel an event one month before it happens, so stay tuned for updates.

May is typically Bike Month, which Cascade and its sister organization Washington Bikes pack with various events including Bike Everywhere Day. Cascade has pushed the entire month of events back into June, including Bike Everywhere Day on June 19. But again, all of this is contingent on social distancing guidance at that time, so stay tuned.

From the survey:

Many people are staying home to keep our communities safe and healthy as we fight COVID-19. But many others – including our health care workers – still need to get around. This survey is for those traveling on foot and by bike to put food on the table, access work, transit, vital care and services, and take care of their families – as well as those biking and walking to support their physical and mental health.

Help inform Cascade Bicycle Club’s efforts to make walking and biking (as well as scooting, rolling, skating and wheeling) safe and accessible for today’s crisis and tomorrow’s future. We want to hear from all Washingtonians, including those who can work remotely and stay at home and those who can’t. What are your needs related to walking and biking at this uniquely challenging moment?

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  1. Eli says:

    The survey design is incorrect.

    Q2 is required, but does not apply to people who answer “No, I’ve stopped walking and biking since the crisis” to Q1.

    I stopped answering it at that point and abandoned.

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