Person driving struck and killed a 63-year-old Newcastle man biking in Bellevue Sunday

A man turning left from Northrup Way onto NE 8th Street struck and killed a 63-year-old man from Newcastle who was riding his bike just west of Lake Sammamish Sunday afternoon.

Though the collision is still under investigation, the City of Bellevue said in a statement that the 44-year-old person driving turned in front of the victim and struck him just before 4 p.m.

The man is the third person killed while biking in Bellevue in the past seven months and the second involving someone in a car making a left turn to or from NE 8th Street.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, biking is one of the few ways people can get outside and get some exercise while maintaining proper social distancing. It is heartbreaking to be reminded that as we all attempt to deal with one public health emergency, the ongoing public health emergency of traffic deaths and injuries is still raging, too. Though traffic collisions are down sharply due to reduced driving, it only takes one bad one to create a tragedy.

Our condolences to this man’s friends and family.

More details from the City of Bellevue:

A driver collided with a man riding a bicycle just before 4 p.m. Sunday at the intersection of Northeast Eighth Street and Northup Way. The 63-year old cyclist, a Newcastle man, died from his injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Collision investigators say the 44-year-old driver turned left from Northup Way onto Eigth in front of the cyclist. The investigation is ongoing.

With the beginning of spring and warmer weather, drivers should expect to see more people riding bicycles and walking. All, please remember to:

  • Scan the road ahead carefully. At intersections, watch for pedestrians, bicycles and cars.
  • Obey traffic signals and signs. Drivers and bicyclists generally have the same privileges and responsibilities.
  • Communicate with others. Make eye contact and signal your turns and lane changes.
  • Use a light at night. For bikes, a white light in front and red reflector or light in back.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has useful tips for motorists. Tips for people riding bikes are available with a city bicycle map.

After more than 10 years without a bike fatality in Bellevue, the incident Sunday was the third time in the past seven months that a person riding a bicycle was killed. Last August, a Bellevue woman hit a Bellevue man riding a bike as she was making a left turn from Northeast Eighth Street onto 134th Avenue. In September, a Kenmore man struck a cyclist on Southeast Eighth Street at 145th Avenue Southeast.

“Yesterday’s bicycle fatality is a sad reminder that we have a lot more work to do to reach our safety aspirations,” said Transportation Director Andrew Singelakis. “Our hearts go out to all those impacted by this crash, and our focus on prevention continues with them and their loved ones in mind.”

Earlier this month, the City Council was briefed on a “safe systems” approach and strategy to advance Vision Zero, Bellevue’s effort to eliminate serious injuries and deaths on city streets by 2030.

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11 Responses to Person driving struck and killed a 63-year-old Newcastle man biking in Bellevue Sunday

  1. David Grant says:

    The information in the city’s news release and in the first paragraph of the blog post above is incorrect. The driver was turning left from Northup Way to NE 8th Street. We apologize for the error. Also, in thke post above there is a broken link to the city’s bicycle map. The correct link is:

    Thank you for your understanding. — David Grant, City of Bellevue Transportation.

  2. asdf2 says:

    So, two people were killed at the same intersection in the past 7 months and nothing done about it?

    At a minimum, they could eliminate the unprotected left turn and make drivers wait for the arrow.

    • Michael Ingram says:

      The two fatalities were at different locations on NE 8th St. The recent one was at NE 8th St/Northup Way. The previous fatal collision was at NE 8th St/134th Ave. Neither intersection has a traffic signal.

  3. Kevin in Ballard says:

    RIP dear soul

  4. Kirk says:

    IDK, perhaps Bellevue could prosecute this person to the full extent of the law and publicize it. As it is, you can still kill people riding bicycles and not be punished in any substantive way.

  5. Rick says:

    The public needs more information on all of these accidents. Information needs to include “who was at fault, what legal actions were taken and what remedies were taken by the city in light of deaths”.

  6. asdf2 says:

    Sometimes, I wonder if biking right now is too dangerous, given that if anything happens, the hospitals don’t have the resources to deal with us, and visiting a hospital for any reason is a great way to catch the coronavirus.

    I guess all travel modes are dangerous; just pick your poison.

  7. Charles Mathison says:

    All three of these “accidents” occurred on roads I have regularly ridden on since living in Bellevue since 1980. In at least two of these fatalities the driver was at fault. Apparently the drivers are getting away with murder. I say this because none of the media reports have mentioned whether or not the drivers even were cited. If a driver kills a cyclist or pedestrian there must be serious consequences or it is going to keep happening.

  8. Rick says:

    Thank you Seattle bike blog for publicizing this information. The general public, as well as the cycling community needs more information on fatalities involving cyclists in order to prevent them in the future. Both accidents have many similarities-including car doing left turn in front of cyclist and cyclist coming down a hill.

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