Watch: Talking through Eastlake bike lanes and RapidRide J


I’m trying something new here, so definitely let me know what you think. I created a stream-style video that’s me talking through the RapidRide J project and the Eastlake bike lanes. It’s quite long and definitely rambling. But it also has a ton of information and background on the project that would be hard to squeeze into a single blog post.

Maybe you’re looking for something to watch in the background? Or maybe you want to just listen to it in the background and check in if you want to see what I’m talking about. I don’t really know. I’d love your thoughts. Would you want to see more videos like this? Is it too long? (the answer is yes) Would you want to watch Seattle Bike Blog interviews that are taped like this? Do you have good ideas for future such videos? Let me know!

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12 Responses to Watch: Talking through Eastlake bike lanes and RapidRide J

  1. max says:

    No videos please. I can scan text for what interests me way faster then I can watch through a video. Plus it is easier to read text in many more situations then it is where watching a video might be disruptive.

  2. Peri Hartman says:

    I know videos are popular with many people, but I rarely spend the time to watch them. Full feature movies, yes. But news and other communications are much easier by text, can be viewed without disrupting others, and can be skimmed or reviewed easier. Text for me, please.

  3. Roy Garte says:

    No vids please.

  4. Forrest says:

    Well, I like it! I know there are podcasts where people talk more about stories, so maybe people would like just the audio part? But I appreciate the visuals to go along with it.

    Absolutely try streaming, you could take live questions. Maybe have guests?

  5. Nick vdh says:

    I enjoyed it, though, yes it was a bit long. I also think guests are a good idea, and I’m pro Rocket League as well!

  6. asdf2 says:

    I think there is room videos. But, for reasons others have mentioned, it should not replace the text/picture-based posts. Also, one hour is way too long, and I found myself fast-forwarding quite a bit. I think a good video length is around 10 minutes.

  7. JB says:

    Tom, how about some more of the hard-hitting journalism like the meetings after Durkan canceled the bike lanes on 35th? Are you going to post a similar account of Thursday’s town hall with CM Pedersen?

  8. KK says:

    With respect to the future connection between the 520 Trail and Eastlake Ave, how can the trail on Roanoke St be connected to Eastlake Ave without hitting the 9-10% grade between Boylston Ave and Eastlake Ave? Has there been any consideration for this section?

  9. KAL says:

    Is the block of Roosevelt just north of 45th being changed? From the pictures, it kind of looks like the section near Trader Joe’s (just north of 45th) has the right hand turn lane extended further north possibly starting before Trader Joe’s entrance/exit. If that happens, I think the bike lane there might need extra protection as it seems likely cars would cut across both bike lane and right hand turn lane to get to/from the entrance/exit of Trader Joe’s. I’ve included the question in my comments to the city but wanted to call it out here in case anyone else knows if that’s changing and how protection is being handled there if so.

  10. KAL says:

    Additional notes on things that seem useful to include in feedback to the city —

    • Thank you for putting in the protected bike lanes!
    • Thank you for putting a crosswalk in at 41st street in the U District.
    • Thank you for keeping the median trees on Eastlake and increasing the median plantings.
    • Thank you for improving bus travel times and reliability.
    • Thank you for all the sidewalk and curb ramp improvements you mention making.

    • Add a crosswalk at E Edgar St, please. For cycling the waterfront route, Edgar is a good transition point to Eastlake.
    • If any signals are updated, make it so that pedestrians always get a green light even if no one presses a button.
    • If any signals are optimized, please include pedestrian experience among the metrics used for optimization. On Mercer Street when the signals were optimized the pedestrian experience got worse. If car throughput is included as a factor please also include metrics around pedestrian experience.

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