Scenes from the 2017 Emerald Bike Ride

I had a great time biking on freeways Sunday with more than 7,000 smiling, happy people.

Freeways are rarely joyful places, which is what makes Cascade’s second annual Emerald Bike Ride so great. For a few hours a year, the region’s most enormous pieces of infrastructure become bike-only, giving people a chance to experience what it is like to bike around the region on billions of dollars worth of public investment.

It’s pretty damn fast and easy.

Here are some photos from the ride:

Here was the 2017 route:

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7 Responses to Scenes from the 2017 Emerald Bike Ride

  1. Nick says:

    What a fun ride! Hope they do the viaduct next year!

    I wonder what other car only roads people would like to see closed for this event.

  2. John says:

    Such a fantastic ride. It’s encouraged me to sign up for more and I hope this happens every year.

  3. Brian Bothomley says:

    Great pictures and that looks like a very fun ride!
    SDOT used to close off the I 5 express lanes from Northgate to the ID twice a year on a Saturday if I remember correctly, I wish they still did that.
    BTW #6606 in the first photo is actually giving the British equivalent of the “finger”! I am hoping he thinks it is the peace sign. :)

  4. Eugene says:

    Never would have thought I’d see my photo on the cover of a Seattle bike blog post. I showed the photo to my student Roth, who is beside me in the photo, he loved it!

    Major Taylor Project represent!

    Thanks for the awesome snap Tom!

  5. Dave Peeler says:

    Wonderful ride, really glad I did it! I really really hope the club can do it again next year!

  6. sb says:

    For a few reasons I was unable to ride this year and was bummed about that (did the one last year though). Are they hoping to hold a ride next year as well?

  7. Kirk says:

    It was a glorious weekend for riding! Tour de Donuts and Emerald City rides were great!

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