Bike Month kicks off Friday, here’s a taste of what’s happening

May is Bike Month, when the number of entries on our Events Calendar explodes and people who like to ride or talk about bikes have more options than they can eat.

Speaking of eating…

Bike Everywhere Breakfast

Breakfast2015_emailheader-01Cascade Bicycle Club is once again hosting a kickoff breakfast, this year renamed from the Bike to Work Breakfast to the Bike Everywhere Breakfast. There’s still space if you want to join the pre-work weekday breakfast, which goes from 7–9 a.m. May 7 at the Sheraton downtown.

Register on the Cascade website.

Last year’s breakfast was awesome because Mayor Ed Murray had some genuine secrets up his sleeve. He shocked bike advocates by announcing plans to design and install a protected bike lane on 2nd Ave in just a couple months. Will we get a similarly amazing announcement this year? You gotta go to the breakfast to find out (or just read Seattle Bike Blog, of course).

Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day is May 15 this year. There’s still time to put together a commute station to give a little boost to all the people trying out a bike commute for the first time.

Commute station locations will be listed on a map on the Cascade website.

Bike to School

National Bike to School Day is May 6. That’s coming up fast. How is Seattle’s Bike to School revolution doing?

Cascade also hosts a school version of the Bike Month Challenge. Details:

Cascade Bicycle Club hosts friendly Bike to School competitions for elementary, middle and high school students who can track their bike riding during May and earn prizes along the way.

So many free rides and events

Seriously, the Seattle Bike Blog Events Calendar is blowing up. For example, there are:

And if you have an idea for a bikey event, now is the time to just go ahead and make it happen. Cascade has a guide to help you get started. And remember, anyone can submit events to our events calendar. Just follow the instructions at the top.

Bike Month Challenge

We already told you about the Bike Month Challenge, a revamped version of the mile and trip tracking Commute Challenge that Cascade Bicycle Club to also include non-work trips. You still have time to put together or join a team. The online challenge is a good motivator to help develop a biking habit over the course of the month.

2015 Bike Month poster

Below is the official 2015 Bike Month poster from Cascade (PDF). If you want materials to help promote bikes at your workplace, check out these resources from Cascade.

Oh, and this might be a good time to start volunteering if you’ve been meaning to do that.



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6 Responses to Bike Month kicks off Friday, here’s a taste of what’s happening

  1. Law Abider says:

    Bike to Work Day AKA “Year Round Bike Commuters Try the Bus Day”. It’s exciting to see so many people try bike commuting, but holy crap it’s annoying.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      Huh? I love Bike to Work Day exactly for that reason. It’s like a glimpse a few years into the future (assuming we continue to increase the bike commute rate). The more the merrier.

      • Law Abider says:

        Again, I love to see so many people interested in biking, it can only bring positive outcomes for the biking community.

        But on Bike to Work Day, when I’m just trying to commute to work, the trails are filled to the brim with slow, oblivious, new bikers. It gets really frustrating, really quick, hence trying out alternate methods like running or busing.

      • Cheif says:

        The local bike paths and MUPs are not your personal race course. If you’re in a hurry try leaving sooner.

      • Lisa says:

        For various reasons I’ve never been able to participate, but now I’m really excited!! I like to welcome new bike commuters. Every new person who tries it is one more person who might be a bit more considerate the next time they’re driving.

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