Video from Cascade’s super fun office move by bike

When Cascade Bicycle Club was getting ready to move their office to a different part of Magnuson Park about a half mile away, the best way to do that was clear: Move by bike.

Moving by bike is pretty much the most fun a person can have while moving. At first it sounds really hard and maybe even a bit risky (What if we can’t move it all? What if it pours rain?). But if you gather enough people with bike trailers and cargo bikes, you’ll get the move knocked out in record time and have a blast doing it.

If many hands make light work, then many cargo bikes turn work into a party.

And that’s pretty much what happened during Cascade’s move by bike. Volunteers showed up and moved all the stuff for three dozen employees and all the other stuff that gathers around a busy office, and it only took a couple hours, much faster than planned. So obviously, that meant happy hour started early.

Cascade’s Briana Orr captured the action on video, which features some dramatic slow motion shots of yours truly.

If any of you have a big move coming up, you should give moving by bike a try. And, of course, you can post details to the Seattle Bike Blog events calendar to help spread the word.

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