Police release more details in serious hit and run near W Seattle Bridge

sample-1a-taggedSeattle Police are still seeking help finding the person responsible for hitting and seriously injuring a man on a bike near the lower West Seattle Bridge last month. The suspect drove away from the scene, leaving behind pieces of his/her metallic blue Saturn S Series car.

If anyone saw such a car missing a sideview mirror or with some car body damage in the past month, you should call Detective Andrew Norton at (206) 684-8934.

From the SPD Blotter:

After processing evidence found at the scene of a May 22nd crash on Harbor Island, investigators have the type of car driven by a suspect, who struck a cyclist and sped away.

Witnesses found the bloodied and seriously injured cyclist lying in the street at 11 Ave. S.W. and S.W. Spokane St around 8:20 PM and called 911.

Seattle Fire Department Medics responded and transported the victim to Harborview Medical Center with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Traffic Collision Investigation (TCIS) detectives also responded to the scene and are investigating the case. Detectives believe the victim was struck while riding westbound along Spokane Street.

After painstaking work identifying vehicle fragments left at the scene, detectives have determined the suspect was driving a Saturn S series car. The car is painted metallic blue and after the crash was missing it’s passenger side mirror. A section of the bumper was also left at the scene of the crime. Detectives are asking anyone who may have witnessed the crime or have seen a car matching the description to please call Detective Andrew Norton at (206) 684-8934.

Pictures posted below are of a similar car and not the suspect’s vehicle.

RSV-mirror-2-tagged 20140523_122103

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4 Responses to Police release more details in serious hit and run near W Seattle Bridge

  1. Gary says:

    And if the SPD catch this person we can expect a fine of less than $179?… after all the person lived.

    • IANAL says:

      No, if they had stayed at the scene they would be looking at little or no consequences, but since they ran, I think jail time is actually a posibilty, maybe not a lot of time, but some. While few people care about the bicyclist, as Eric Cartman would say: “Respect ma athoriti!”

      • Jayne says:

        The last person to crash their car into a person on a bike and then leave the scene in West Seattle was identified, located by police, and is currently free and not charged. I think it’s pretty safe to say west seattle is not a very nice place to ride a bike.

    • Southeasterner says:

      My guess is the only reason they are looking for the hit and run driver is so they can force the cyclist to compensate them for “breaking his/her car” or so they can give him/her a pat on the back.

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