In Seattle, you can now go to bike touring school. Really.

TouringClassHave I ever told you all that I love Seattle?

Because in Seattle, you can actually go to bike touring school. That’s a real thing here. How beautiful is that?

Sarah Burch will be teaching the three-hour class in late January and early February as part of the Experimental College of the Associated Students of UW. You don’t have to be a UW student to attend, and you don’t get college credit for it.

But who needs college credit when you have the liberating winds of Washington State’s open roads blowing through your hair?

Details from Burch:

Hello Tom~
My name is Sarah Burch. I am hugely passionate about bicycling — and about bicycle touring, in particular!
I will be teaching a class called “The Basics of Bicycle Touring” through the UW Experimental College. The class will help students:
* gain confidence to travel by bicycle
* become aware of the varieties of bicycle touring styles
* learn how to plan a bike trip — including trip preparation, gear selection, packing, and transporting the bicycle
* learn advice passed down from experienced cyclists — including suggestions for staying healthy and safe while cycling.

Individuals can sign up for the class at

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1 Response to In Seattle, you can now go to bike touring school. Really.

  1. Hey Sarah

    I too am looking into running a bicycle touring workshop in Albany, Western Australia, after a positive go ahead response from the local college.
    Here too cycling is taking off and we are near the 1000km Munda Biddi cycle trail.

    Have you got any suggestions on how you ran your class?
    Did you do an actual ride or was it, information only?

    I’m thinking of bringing the touring bike with gear, as well as a slide show for visual reference.
    Would also like all the potential students to bring along their idea/ dream ride. ie what interested them into attending the class.
    Also like to involve a local bike shop to have a basic bicycle maintenance class for the ones that are unable to repair their own bike.


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