Help Seattle Neighborhood Greenways get a $25K match + more ways to support bicycling

If you are looking to balance your taxes or are just looking for a way to turn your cash into useful, positive work, Seattle and Washington State are flush with opportunities to make even a little cash go a long way.

Here’s a rundown of some of your options:

Donor will match $25K for Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

Screen-Shot-2013-11-27-at-3.31.34-PM$25,000 is huge for a grassroots organization like Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. But if you and others like you pitch in before the end of the year, an anonymous donor has pledged a $25,000 match. That means your $100 will be turned into $200.

That’s a lot of dough for an organization that hired its first staff person just this year.

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is the umbrella organization for groups that have established themselves in all corners of Seattle and now well beyond the city limits. SNG supports people who want to organize for safe streets where they live by providing help for writing grants, growing support via online tools, navigating sometimes intimidating government bureaucracy and more.

SNG also follows transportation investments and encourages neighborhood groups to form or stay active during public debate to make sure safe neighborhood streets is a priority. But SNG’s impact reaches well beyond funding. By encouraging groups to form in every neighborhood, they are fostering a cultural shift in the way people in the Puget Sound Region think about the streets near their homes, grocery stores, parks and more.

Learn how to donate here.

Cascade donor will match $10K in Giving Tuesday gifts

give blogCascade Bicycle Club’s Education Foundation does all kinds of good work, from helping the city with legal costs to complete the Burke-Gilman Missing Link to educating kids how feel comfortable on two wheels. The first $10,000 in gifts to the organization through December 31 will be matched. Details from Cascade:

It’s Giving Tuesday! And now through the end of the month, your gift counts double!

An anonymous donor has agreed to match your all donations to the Education Foundation dollar for dollar up to $10,000.

Your gift to the Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation helps pay for Cascade’s Advocacy and Education programs, things like:

  • Legal fees to protect the Burke-Gilman Trail
  • Bicycle-friendly policies at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Bike safety classes for more than 14,000 kids annually
  • Bicycling leadership programs serving underprivileged youth such as Trips for Kids and the Major Taylor Project
  • Free helmets to kids and adults in need
  • Transportation planning consultation in cities across the region

Visit to make your Giving Tuesday gift.

Washington Bikes, and now you have to update your jersey

jerseysIf you have an old Bicycle Alliance of Washington cycling jersey, now is the time to update those out-of-date rags. The state-wide organization is now Washington Bikes, and their jerseys have been updated to say so. Get one and support safe streets in all Washington cities and towns.

Or, if cycling jerseys don’t match your style, you can always get one of their personalized car license plates, become a member or make a plain old donation.

Bike Works holiday sale!

1473030_10152028295839675_17733312_nIf someone you care about wants bike stuff for the holidays, then go get it from the Bike Works community bike shop. The non-profit shop is a worthy community project all by itself, but profits it earns also supports Bike Works’ awesome education and youth empowerment programs.

Of course, you can also turn that bike you never use into a charitable gift or send Bike Works good ol’ cash.

Want to make a plug for your favorite safe streets or bicycling organization? Please do so in the comments below.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Thank you Tom! We accomplished so much in 2013 and are counting on the community to be able to do even more for safe, lively, green streets in 2014!

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