City launches ‘Neighbors for Road Safety’ project, seeks leaders

Photo from the 2012 launch of the Road Safety Action Plan

Photo from the 2012 launch of the Road Safety Action Plan

The Mayor’s Office today announced a new program aimed at helping residents organize and stay informed about road safety issues in areas where you live and work.

Neighbors for Road Safety (sign up here) is part of the Road Safety Action Plan (AKA Be Super Safe) that grew out of the 2011 Road Safety Summit.

More details and a full announcement will be made during a press event Wednesday morning at City Hall.

From the Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Mike McGinn and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) are launching a new community program to increase road safety in every corner of Seattle. As someone supportive of increasing road safety in Seattle, I hope you can be an early partner in this effort.

The Neighbors for Road Safety program will create a link between neighbors, neighborhoods, and the City in an effort to raise awareness about specific and local road safety issues, increase knowledge of the rules of the road, and provide neighbors with the tools they need to address road safety issues.

We’re looking for neighbors who will commit to working with the Seattle Department of Transportation and other departments to help reduce traffic collisions and improve road safety for all. Please fill out this form today, to commit to being a Neighbor for Road SafetyPlease also forward to others or send to lists.

As a Neighbor for Road Safety*:

  • Your name will be listed as a partner in this program when launched
  • You will receive localized information regarding road safety in your neighborhood
  • You will help distribute this information to neighbors, in partnership with SDOT

*If you have an interest in working on road safety issues where you work, please sign up – you may also select multiple neighborhoods if you’d like to focus on both work and home neighborhoods.

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2 Responses to City launches ‘Neighbors for Road Safety’ project, seeks leaders

  1. RTK says:

    I signed up. The article states, “The Neighbors for Road Safety program will create a link between neighbors, neighborhoods…”

    There is no drop down for neighborhoods, only a box to fill in. So I used the common names for the neighborhoods I walk and ride in. I guess some person will need to sort it out at the other end and create the association. Seemed like selecting from a list would have been much better.

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