A quick look at the new bike lane on Roosevelt Way (VIDEO)

The city this week is finally installing an uphill bike on Roosevelt Way between NE 75th Street and NE 85th Street. This closes a missing link in a popular bike route stretching from NE 125th Street to the University Bridge.

While not even close to being a facility that will be comfortable for people of all ages and abilities, it is a huge help for people slogging up the long climb to the Maple Leaf neighborhood.

So how is it? I biked it Wednesday and created the following video (note: the project is not yet completely finished as some markings and sharrows have yet to be installed).

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10 Responses to A quick look at the new bike lane on Roosevelt Way (VIDEO)

  1. daihard says:

    I went through there this morning as I biked to work. I don’t think it was complete yet. I usually only bike there southbound, but I’m happy to see the northbound missing link filled.

  2. pqbuffingotn says:

    i have not seen such wanton destruction since the savannah campaign…huzzah!

  3. Gordon says:

    Parked along Roosevelt next to the Maple Leaf Grill yesterday and had dozens of parking spaces to choose from. But yes, probably the end of civilization as we know it.

    • daihard says:

      It may be the end of “motorization” as we know it. I would consider it more civilized to bike, or even take the bus, to Maple Leaf Grill, than to drive there.

  4. no traffic lights says:

    Nice content. You should get a camera or software for better image stabilization.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      I think it’s a software setting. I don’t really know what I’m doing :-) There are so many settings! Do I really need to get them ALL right?

  5. Beth says:

    I ride this route every day between downtown and the top of Maple Leaf to pick up my daughter from school. This was the scariest part of my ride as cars tried to pass me going up the hill without sufficient room due to the tight squeeze with the oncoming traffic. It was especially dicy when a Metro bus was in the mix. This is a VAST improvement and at a relatively low cost. We need more of these types of solutions all over the city.

  6. Stan Lem says:

    Finally! The comment thread on that Stranger “Destroying a Neighborhood?” article is unnerving but predictable. I would think drivers would be thrilled to get their own dedicated lane separate from the cyclists…

    • pqbuffington says:

      saw those comments on the stranger…perhaps more indicative of the stranger poaching sea-times readers as they hit the pay-wall limits.

  7. Don Brubeck says:

    Very nice! I used to hate that part of the ride, which I took fairly often to from Ravenna to the Tru-Value hardware store at 90th to keep my old bungalow happy.

    I wish more people doing bike videos would do what this one does: include a bike rider ahead at a fixed distance, to see how the bike actually uses the street. Much less disorienting than a helmet cam “lost in space”.

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