Bike this West Seattle Valentine

16415_535696239807904_128020412_nWant an excuse to go for a bike ride today? Of course you do!

Fire up your GPS and bike a valentine to the city! And, if you do, be sure to post your resulting map in the comments below.

West Seattle Bike Connections posted the image above on their Facebook Page.

journeyMeanwhile, Cascade posted a series of “velotines” on their blog.

While Valentine’s Day is certainly among our society’s worst holidays (though, to be fair, it’s nowhere close to as bad as Columbus Day), I guess I’m a sucker for bike love.

So I say we redefine the holiday as a day of civic love. What is your favorite way to show your love for your city?

I go with the Bike Works route: Go for a bike ride! They are holding their annual “Worst Day of the Year Ride” tonight, starting at their Columbia City shop at 6:30 p.m.

You can also show your love for Bike Works by donating kids’ bikes, especially BMX and small mountain bikes.

Show Your Love for BW 3

Here’s my shabby attempt to use Vine to send a valentine to Seattle:

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