CHS: Woman in stable condition after bad crash on 10th Ave

A woman was knocked unconscious after crashing on 10th Ave E near E Miller in North Capitol Hill Tuesday night.

Capitol Hill Seattle reports that the woman in her 50s was transported to the hospital with a head injury after apparently colliding with a parked car just after 6 p.m.

The details of how the crash occurred are not clear.

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3 Responses to CHS: Woman in stable condition after bad crash on 10th Ave

  1. Mike Scully says:

    This apparently happened right in front of my place. Judging by the timing and the aftermath, I am guessing the bicyclist hit a *just*-parked car in the northbound direction. The outside lane is “No Parking 4-6 pm” (Mon.-Fri.), and the locals start parking prior to 6, if they think they can get away with it (i.e., not get ticketed or towed, trusting the “but my watch says it’s 6:02…” excuse will make it all okay). SPD & SFD arrived just a minute or two after 6, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the transition from traffic-lane to parking-lane was a contributing factor.

  2. Rabbd says:

    I am rarely careful enough coming down this hill in the afternoon. After expending all the energy climbing for the morning commute, the race down feels like revenge to the annoying climb. During the period of no parking (4-6) cars merging right to turn on Miller, as well as change lanes in the portion between Miller and E Roanoke can be exceptionally dangerous.

    This is not an ideal route from the U-district to Cap Hill but it does have bike lanes and no awesome no-hill-alternatives exist. Unfortunately, during start times of Berschi School during the school year, the bike lane south on 10th can also be very dangerous with parents paying little attention when dropping off their kids.

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