Fairview/Fairview changes almost complete

From the 60% design plans

We first wrote about the proposed changes to the intersection of Fairview Ave N and Fairview Ave E back in October 2010. Currently under construction, the project is scheduled to open Friday.

While the project is mostly about walking safety, it is also part of a key bike route and involves some bicycling improvements. People headed northbound on the Cheshiahud Loop “Trail” should find it easier and safer to make a left turn onto Fairview Ave E (which I personally prefer to Eastlake Ave as a route through Eastlake and to the University Bridge). Remember—though it does not make much sense—Fairview Ave E is north of Fairview Ave N.

The project also includes a new bike lane on Fairview Ave N between Eastlake Ave and the short bridge just south of Fairview Ave E. I assume this bike lane will connect to the existing protected biking and walking lane across the bridge.

The primary problem addressed, however, is the huge crossing distance for people walking on the west side of Fairview Ave N, the most direct way to walk between the Eastlake neighborhood and South Lake Union/Downtown. If you look at the Google Map below, you can see how much safer and more comfortable it will be for people on foot.

The plans also include a new sidewalk for people on the south side of Fairview Ave N.

Here’s the Google Map of the intersection:

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The 60% design documents:

Fairview 60 Percent Design

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